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Master List for Candy Crush Soda Saga Ideas

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Welcome to the list of ideas for Candy Crush Soda Saga!  We hope that you will be able to find all posted ideas much easier now.  Please be very careful when choosing your subject title.  You might not be getting the votes because the players are unclear what you are requesting.
This update now has the number of votes listed for these ideas as of 12.25.2020.

Top 10 ideas

Add a 500 point Treasure Chest to Soda Squad (258)

Bring back bubblegum hill (46)

Confirm button for using gold bars (86)

Flying Fish (359)

Gold bars for playing on (59)

More chances for gold (59)

Open your piggy bank without paying (298)

Save Timed Booster Rewards (55)

save your free play for later (61)

Waiting for life !!! (87)


Below is the remainder of active ideas

Automatic sending/ receiving Lives (5)

Bookmark levels (21)

Booster bonus (3)

Booster levels (2)

Booster Swapping! (19)

Booster Wheel (5)

Boosters on multiple levels - make boosters count throughout the level (15)

Boot inactive Mr Toffee's Fair players (29)

Bring the bottles back (18)

Cake Bake team challenge w/o gold (6)

Chocolate bar levels (0)

Combine games (2)

Contests ♥♥♥♥♥ (21)

Continue Button (23)

Corona Quarantine (25)

Daily bonuses (22)

Do not let the bears hinder the game. (0)

extra movements - inventory (9)

Extra moves get from the players!!! (26)

Five free lives (2)

for big camdy (2)

Friend overhauled ( 12)

Give 2 moves for when moving to next stage (15)

Gold (1)

Gold bars and lollipop (16)

Green and red lights to show if friends are currently playing (9)

Improve rewards of MTF and the Squad (34)

in teams (3)

Inter teaming👻 (18)


LIVES!! (26)

Make candy town look better (8)

Make Mr Toffee a solo challenge like Quests ( 32)

Max number of moves for all Bubblegum Hill levels (1)

more competitions for soda (22)

More rewards please (2)

New levels (1)

New levels: show that you're arriving to the end of content in new map (5)

Option to add a special candy mid game (5)

Option to Turn Off Hints (18)

Paying less Gold bars for Extra Moves (5)

Player chooses when to use boosters (5)

Problematic piggy (13)

Return of the Memories (13)

Reward - gold bars (23)

Reward team members that pull the weight (42)

Rewards for completing levels fast (4)


Show what level friends are on in the friends list (14)

Skins/Themes (2)

Stars whot you have (0)

Stop losing streak bonus (15)

Store Extra Lives (11)

Swap piggy bank for booster (13 )

Swop gold bars for lives for free !! (4)

TEAM m8s interact (2)

The Ability to Shuffle (Booster) (28)

There should be a skip level pass! ( 15)

time packages (0)

Try again screen (0)

Undo Button (25)

UNDO move option (25)

Unlimited play in Mr Toffees fair (4)

Urica:read now (2)

Video ads for boosters and lives again. (28)


Wholesale rates (21)

Win Time (2)

You might want to check out Kimmy's Idea Box.   Here you will find some archived ideas that just never got enough votes.

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