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MorphButterflyMorphButterfly Posts: 12 Level 2

I think the king management can make a huge contest of 50 ppl, more or less. The contest is to pass as many levels in each or all games in a 24hr period of time. The top 5 or 10 players winning a monetary price in which; half should be spent on the game itself and the other half for the player. In order for this to really work the players can have unlimited gold bars (ONLY TO BE USED TO PLAY AND PASS THE LEVELS). These players except for me because is my idea; should be picked randomly so EVERYONE begginer, intermediate and advance levels can be taken in consideration for this contest. This will bring some new excitement to be a winner and to earn more badges, as well as monetary help. The half that is being put back in the game can be as a gratuity for the gold bars and the game will get a lot of audience. I think it will be a great start of the new century and 20/20.

Thank you

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