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HookyHooky Posts: 112 Level 3

Why are the Levels getting so Difficult.? I used to love getting home from work and playing for a couple of hours and completing a few levels, I've been stuck on a Level for a Week, I hardly play now because I'm finding it so boring.! Usual issues The Flying Fish wont land where they are supposed to.! I play for 10 minutes or so and give up.!! Such a shame..!!


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 15,210 Ambassador

    Hello and welcome to this community

    The saga is that the players should be challenged. Therefore the levels become more demanding and of course more difficult. But in return you get events and more boosters to create the levels. The team knows about the fish. And something has already been opened in the ideas area, just go there and vote.

    Good luck

    Every level can be mastered, sometimes on the first try and then after a few days.🤗

    💓 Where there's a will, there's a way 💓

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     Did you know that there is now an international room for German - French - Spanish?

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