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Let's do some puzzles!

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The Coronavirus has affected many countries. I'm sure that all of you have either read about it or saw the news on TV. We all know that there is a shortage of toilet paper which still amazes me because it's a lung virus.

Many of you might be at home for the next couple of weeks because your job has closed down to prevent this virus from spreading more. I have created some puzzles below from the results of our poll asking you what type of contests you would like to see here. They are not contests so you won't be able to participate for a chance to win some gold bars.

Math Puzzles

Math Crossword Puzzle

Calcudoku puzzle

Find the Tens

Balance the Scale

Can you help Willie the Snake?

Word Puzzles

Word Fit Puzzle

Word Search Puzzle

Zig Zag Word Puzzle

Word Scramble Puzzle


Birthday Party

Deliver the Mail

Tiffi Maze Puzzle

Let’s bring Yeti home

Find the Differences

Candy Town - Can you find the differences?

Friends - Can you find the differences?

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