🍂 Win Gold Bars with the Soda Autumn Games: Uncover the image!

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Hello Soda Crushers!

The moment has arrived...it’s time to kick off the first Soda Autumn Games Competition!

Do you like mysteries? We hope you do. We have a mysterious image to discover and you will do it with your team! 

⭐️How does it work?

The competition is divided in two parts: 

Qualifier Round: Uncover the mysterious image

Look at this image! As you can see, it is covered by little pieces. Each one with a Team name and a level number on it. 
Your team has to play and pass that specific level!

But that's not all! All teams have the same final score to achieve:

⭐️1.121.800 ⭐️

To achieve that final score you will have to sum up your own level score with the scores of your teammates. 

In this case, @LadyRaffie has scored 97.420 and @Lola_Pop 's score is: 160.020
That means, the Team Score is 257.440

Post your level score screenshot and add it to your teammates'!

Grand Finale

All the "achievers" will pass to the Grand Finale where they will have to battle into a new level and score. Only 1 Team can win! But there will also be prizes for the 2nd and 3rd position!  


Qualifier round: 

. Every team will be awarded with the exclusive Soda Autumn Games BADGE!

Grand Finale:

. The team which scores first in the Grand Finale: 60 Gold Bars to be shared among the team members
. The second prize: 45 Gold Bars to be shared among the team members
. The third prize: 30 Gold Bars to be shared among the team members


. Each and every member of the team has got to play at least once!
Otherwise the team won’t be eligible to enter in the Grand Finale!
. You can post as many tries as you want

⭐️How much time do we have?

Qualifier Round: You have until October 28th, 1 pm CET, to participate 
Grand Finale: You have until November 11th, 1pm CET, to participate 
Terms and conditions can be found here. 

Who will be the winning team in the Soda Autumn Games?

Good luck to everyone and May the Community be with you! 🚀

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