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What happened to all my boosters and prizes!

Bcarta2932Bcarta2932 Posts: 1 New Bee

After being logged out of Facebook for no apparent reason, when logging back in to my game.. the gumball machine was totally gone!... So, I uninstalled and reinstalled my game ... It saved my levels, but deleted all my earned /purchased prizes and boosters... I cannot afford to replace them because I have lost my job... This is totally unfair! ... There should be a way to preserve this like money in the bank because that's exactly what you are doing... Taking my money out of my bank and then saying, "Oops, sorry... Something went wrong." I had 33 pink lollipops, 23 striped lollipops and 1 red hand....Not to mention all of the special candy fish, chocolate sprinkle candies, etc. All just gone, even though it saved my level...How does this happen?! ...Not fair to me or anyone else on top of everything else we are all going through... But I suppose you don't care.... You could have given your gamers some major discounts considering many of us are out of work, but no, your company starts eliminating what we've earned and paid for...It's discouraging and when I play now, I don't even enjoy it because it makes me so angry! 


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