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Why is this player collecting points?

Sugars720Sugars720 Posts: 9 Level 2
edited January 26 in Support

Please follow through with your policies that you do not tolerate cheaters! Well here is one of them. Because of them and a few others I am not able to collect the prizes for reaching number one.

The photos clearly show that this person has not collects any points, see the squad!

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  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 2,260 Legend
    edited January 22 Accepted Answer

    Hi @Sugars720 and welcome to Soda community:)

    Weekly contest and soda squad are two separate features, they're not linked together.

    weekly contest ranking shows the number of levels passed by a randomly selected list of players. This list changes every week.

    Soda squad ranking shows points made by the members of your team. Points don't show exactly the amount of levels passed by someone (soda squad members can replay levels and still score some points, for example). Members in your team are always the same unless you decide to leave and join another team.

    I understand you're unhappy with your team. if you'd like to change it, have a look at this thread where players search for teams and team mates :

    Let me know if this helps 😀

  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 2,260 Legend


    Hi and thanks for your response and explanation.

    it’s the levels passed and not the team

    Hello again @Sugars720

    I copied your comment here because conversations and notifications don't work well on personal walls. 🙂

    As I said, players on weekly contest change every week, probably to make sure there's always a challenge in the game. And since it's a very wide contest, I'd say it's normal to find competitive players who race for 1st position too. 84 levels can be cleared in a week without cheating so it's hard to prove that from your first screenshot, sorry

    Hopefully you'll get a weekly contest with less competitive opponents next time 😃

  • Netter333Netter333 Posts: 12 Level 2

    I'm the only person on my team and really couldn't care less if i win the level or not. Sometimes I win other times I don't. Not really a big deal. Its just a game.

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