🥳 Celebrate 🗣 Talk Like Yoda Day

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Doing well, hope everyone is!

Hard to believe it has been over 40 years since Yoda first appeared in the Star Wars blockbuster movie ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ but that long it has been!

Today May 21st we celebrate the beloved and wise Yoda with the holiday of National Talk Like Yoda Day! 🙌

Are you up for the challenge of talking Like Yoda? Difficult it is not!

Just simply use the order of object/subject/verb to create a Yoda like sentence. And for added emphasis just include hmph after your sentence. 😏

Everyone that participates and contributes a Yoda like sentence will receive this brand new beautiful badge created by the talented @bearwithme!

For example instead of the normal sentence ’He is wise’ in Yoda speak it would be 💫 ‘Wise he is’. 💫

The fun will last from May 21st through June 4th.

No account? No problem! Sign up HERE in 2 seconds!



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