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Why am I not getting completely purchases

Jtric74Jtric74 Posts: 1 Newbie

This is the second 3.99 package where I did not get the gold bars or everything included in the purchase. I am not happy.i


  • YoscaYosca Posts: 4,781 Soda Moderator

    I am very sorry to hear your purchase didn’t go well @Jtric74 😔

    Unfortunately we cannot handle purchase issues in the Community, due to personal information, but Player Support can. If you happen to play on a mobile device, you can contact directly from the device. When sending an email directly from the game, Player Support will automatically get your purchase history and transactions. All you need to do is:

    - Open the game app —> tap on the blue gear

    - Tap on the ? mark

    - Tap on Purchase and Gold Bars

    - Scroll down to the bottom and tap  "Contact Us"

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