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Why is Olivia black?

ElsaElsa Posts: 34,892 Sweet Legend

I've noticed the past couple of days that when I open the game on my PC our poor Olivia is black. On my mobile she's the correct color, purple. Is this a glitch? Is anyone else seeing it in their game using Windows 10 on a PC?

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  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 17,927 Soda Moderator
    Accepted Answer

    This has already been reported @Elsa and we are awaiting word back from our CM. 🤗

    Here’s the original reporting of it👇


    Accepted Answer
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  • lindarklindark Posts: 2,196 Level 5
    Accepted Answer

    LOL. Olivia has joined the dark side, look out!!!

    Accepted Answer


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