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*The King Community Battle Arena! - By Origins7_Dale

Origins7_DaleOrigins7_Dale Posts: 1,869 Game Expert

Hi @LadyRaffie @Lola_Pop @Yosca @LizzyLemondrop @BeckyBubblegum @Werner_Cichy @Sukanta_Biswas @kiara_wael @Sharon_Loose @Elsa @Diamond Lim @KimElston @rock2233 @Sweetice, @candycrushinit @Sofia1992 @Pitty_Kitty, @Glenn1972, @Freddy_Falkner @DieOmimi @bearwithme @KingChewy @aijaziqbal @siti_payung @Nix66 @Scooterpie @PummyRaj @hechicerilla @teresawallace44 @MountainMom @rajdeeptb @mysticalmysty @Spinnifix,

Ok, after going into the King Community Mad Scientist Labs, thought this might be a good idea to have here. Most gaming sites have this. A place where we can "View / See" a contest between 2 players or teams. Just like ESPN, except it will be here, right in the heart of the King Community. For example, how about our "Sweet Legend" @Werner_Cichy battling 2-3 other Legends for some "Boosters", or whatever they want to put up or agree to play for. Or our YouTube players, like @Johnny_Crush vs. @mercerik on a high level for "Sugar Stars", with no boosters used in the contest. Superstar vs Superstar or Game Expert vs Game Expert. Even Community Manager vs. Community Manager. 

Like it so far? 

The King Community Battle Arena, could also be used for "Diagnostics". Meaning when you check into the "Battle Arena", it will let you know if you are on the "Current Version" or configured correctly to play. This should help "Support" along with the "Staff" here on troubleshooting issues. By attaching a "Recorder" to the contest, this will add to our "Video" Library, along with helping "Support" on analysis of any issues. Let's call it "The @LadyRaffie & @Lola_Pop Video Library For The King Community Players". Or, "The Community Managers Video Library For The King Community Players", if you like. 

In addition, this should speed up testing on things, meaning you get those things you want faster. 

By putting up "Boosters" or "Gold Bars", this should also help players in getting thru the higher levels in the game. You only need to wager what you can afford, or have a abundance of. Or no wagers at all if you prefer.

Well, that is just the start of perhaps even more good things to come. 

This should increase "Revenue" for King, along with solving player issues. As the fame or word of the "The King Community Battle Arena!", spreads around the world, membership should go up. Which means more "Staff", Superstars, Game Experts, etc.. needed, so more opportunities, for promotion. So it's a win / win for everyone. 

I would suggest we start with (CCSS) Candy Crush Soda Saga first, otherwise my boss might fire me. (hehe) Then spread to the other games King has. 

Can @Diamond Lim & @KimElston & @MightyWolf tag everyone on this, along with other players with tagging lists.

Can @Elsa post on "Facebook", along with any other social site.

Can both @Johnny_Crush & @mercerik post or promote thru their videos at YouTube.

So need your "Votes" on this. Reactions are welcome, along with comments. 

Take Care All - Origins7 Dale, 😀


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v1.1930.2.0 Modified 1/05/2021 *Update!

Candy Crush Soda Saga *Level 6206

v1.184.300.0 Modified 1/11/2021 *Update!

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*The King Community Battle Arena! - By Origins7_Dale 96 votes

Vote Up - Bring "The King Community Battle Arena!" here. Want to see famous battles among the top players!
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