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    I am glad they asked me to do @Glenn1972  


           He is from North Carolina, Loves all animals we are close to being the same age as

    I am. When I first joined the Community I couldn't figure allot of thing out I was lost and

     was asking a lot of questions seemed like no one understood what I was having a problem with than

    Glenn started asking me questions about my problem and he was so kind, so willing to help 

    I felt connected to him he was ok and he helped me with my problem, I think that's what 

    was the start of a wonderful relationship, I could tell by his kindness that he was a very caring man

    and would bend over backwards to help anyone, if someone asked me a question and I didn't know 

    the answer I would run to Glenn1972 who always had the right answer or the link needed for me to pass on.


           Glenn is very professional kind of man that understands when a situation is serious but mostly he is the kindest ,most thoughtful, most helpful, sweetest ,genuine, fun loving, level headed  ,well mannered gentleman I've ever met.

    Glenn knows how to take a joke and is very well at dishing it back at ya,

    he has made me laugh as well as others on some of our weakest days as well as any other day. He has 

    encouraged me to be a better person when the chips were down or if I felt something wrong. Always has something positive to say. I hope he never changes in his ways and I know if I or anyone else needs help and they look at Glenn for the answer he will do his darndest to help.

    ......😀..........🤗.........❤️I have found a friend, a kindred spirit 

    Thank You Glenn1972 for being who you are the good friend that I don't personally know but love him. I check in on him when I don't see him to make sure he is doing okay.(Nosey-Rosey)

    I love everyone is the community and I"d like to Thank @Sweetice for starting this thread and giving me the chance to talk about my buddy Glenn

    There is so much more I could of said about Glenn I just couldn't think of it all but now that I posted it some more things about him have entered my mind .

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    Thank you @LoveDachs @Sweetice & @hechicerilla (tears in me eyes) I'm speechless I never thought I"d have such a big impact on making you all feel this way about me . I hope this makes sense to you all because I'm in tears and not thinking right. I try so hard to be an

    but you see the tail is showing but no horns LOL

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    Your welcome @Breee!~You actually deserve it!~

    Thanks for everything you've said about our dear friend @Glenn1972!! He deserves more than this!! I can say lot about him but if I am asked to say few, then this was what I would say:

    ~Glenn is such an amazing sweet very helpful man who loves loving, helping and caring for everyone! He is just so Kind! He will never try to hide his knowledge and keep what he knows for himself. He shares everything he have and will always give first priority to others. He loves admiring peoples for what they do and keeps inspiring!

    ~He's like a sunshine to our Community and a Superstar to everyone!

    ~His posts always cheer me up!

    ~And by the way...Glenn is soooooooo funny man!! He loves having fun and enjoying! Each of his posts are funny, lovely and sweet!!

    ~Thanks a lot Glenn! You're amazing!!!!!❤❤❤


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