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Bear brawl

bugs_burnybugs_burny Posts: 22 Level 2

I have a quest in my bear brawl festival that references playing bear brawls. I can find nothing on my screen to access bear brawls. Please help.

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  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 19,884 Sweet Legend

    Hi @bugs_burny And welcome to our lovely and helpful Community!

    It is the Bear Brawl Icon located directly above the Bear Brawl Festival icon on your Game Map.

  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 19,884 Sweet Legend

    In case a picture will help you @bugs_burny here’s one from my Game Map and the Bear Brawl is on the top ⤵️

  • bugs_burnybugs_burny Posts: 22 Level 2

    I don’t have that icon. Attached is a picture of what I have.

  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 19,884 Sweet Legend

    @bugs_burny Not all players received the Bear Brawl portion but at least you have the Bear Brawl Festival!

    Here’s what our Community Manager wrote about it ⤵️

    🌟 The event is active but you don't see it?

    It's occasionally possible that you'll know someone who might have the event visible in their game when it's not available to you. Don't worry! It's not faulty - it's just that with so many players, we sometimes have to spread the fun out a bit.

    To keep our events balanced, manageable and visible to as many people as possible so everyone gets to try new things - The chances are you'll have another event when your friend doesn't, so rest assured we'll always try to make sure you don't miss out in the fun! Keep an eye on your notifications, pop-ups, and map buttons to know when you're good to go!

  • bugs_burnybugs_burny Posts: 22 Level 2

    Thank you for your reply. I read that before, and I understand not everyone gets everything. But if a player doesn’t get the bear Brawl, in the game should not send out a bear Brawl freaking quest to those players! I guess I can delete that quest.

  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 19,884 Sweet Legend
    Answer ✓

    That’s an excellent point @bugs_burny!

    Yeah, no way to accomplish that one. 🥴

    Answer ✓
  • mallorypmalloryp Posts: 5 Level 2

    I was playing Bear Brawl & now all of a sudden it’s missing from my game map?

  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 19,884 Sweet Legend

    Good morning @bugs_burny. Could you do me a favor, please?

    Tell me which device you’re playing on and provide me with your Player ID. Also include another screenshot of your Game Map showing that you only have the Bear Brawl Festival icon.

    To find your Player ID: Open the Game / Select My Profile / Double click on the King logo above your avatar and your ID will be displayed.

    When I reported your issue to our Soda Community Manager she said this should not be the case. If you have the Bear Brawl Festival you should indeed also have the Bear Brawl.

    We would like to report this to the Game Studio as soon as you send us the requested information.


  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 19,884 Sweet Legend

    @malloryp Did the bears show back up in your game yet?

    If not try this:

    Force close all apps / Power down your device and leave off at least 10 seconds / Check for any device or app updates / Ensure you have enough free memory storage. King Recommends 2 GB free for your device to run smoothly.

    This standard troubleshooting should do the trick!

  • bugs_burnybugs_burny Posts: 22 Level 2

    I am playing on an Iphone SE I have 20G of free memory. I powered my phone down for at least 60s. I went to the app store and opened CCSS there. I have version 1.188.5 My ID is 1017145824 The screenshot was taken after I did all this.

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