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Why has the episode race and Mr Toffees Fair disappeared from my game?



  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 1,422 Level 4

    in my game the race of the episode disappeared since Monday, 05/24

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  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 1,422 Level 4

    I don't know what's going on with my CCSS game, on Monday, May 24th, the episode race disappeared from my game and today, May 5th, Mr. Toffee's fair is also gone. Is happening any problem with the game? Can someone help me? Please

  • YoscaYosca Posts: 7,109 Soda Moderator

    Really strange things @Bricorn Anyway, I’m happy you see MTF back! 😊

  • YoscaYosca Posts: 7,109 Soda Moderator

    Hi again @tininha1975 I answered you before about missing the Episode Race; the Studio needs to monitor performance and that's why some players might not see the feature in the meanwhile. About missing Mr. Toffee; also some other players mentioned it. All I can say is always do the troubleshooting:log out of the game, clear the cache (super important) power off your device for at least 1 minute, restart your device and log back into the game. Play/replay levels and hopefully Mr. Toffee will be back.

  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 1,422 Level 4

    @Yosca, I've done all that you said and it didn't help, the same problem continues. Now the most interesting thing is that a new event has arrived in my game for me to play that depends on the race of the episode, which I do not have anymore. I am very sad about this because it is through the race of the episode that we win gold bars and the fair of Mr. Toffee that I can earn boosters like striped, packaged lollipops and hours of life,I hope this problem will be resolved soon.

    Here are the photos of the new event that appeared in my game, only I can't participate because I don't have the race for the episode anymore.

  • YoscaYosca Posts: 7,109 Soda Moderator

    Hi @tininha1975 Yes I can understand you. For me it’s the same, I’ve lost Mr Toffee and the Episode Race too. I see more comments, so I’ll ask around but it’ll take some time before we know anything. During the weekend no CM, so we need to have some patience 😉.

  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 1,422 Level 4

    @Yosca,thank you for helping me, I think there is a problem with the new update, because it started to happen, after the last update I did. I hope this will be resolved soon, because these events are the ones that give us important awards like: gold bar striped lollipops and packaged candies and also unlimited lives.

  • MJT31MJT31 Posts: 3 Newbie

    I have cleared cache, logged out found no updates still not showing, I do play on a PC not mobile device is there a specific fix for PC's?

  • tamike000tamike000 Posts: 70 Level 3
  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 1,422 Level 4

    I think something is going wrong in the game, I am without the race of the episode and without the event of Mr. Toffee.

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 16,801 Friends Moderator
  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 1,422 Level 4

    More and more, I am sure that there is a problem with the game, I just hope that this problem will be solved soon.

  • JVO123JVO123 Posts: 24 Level 2

    Do they EVER make a mistake and give the players anything or is ALWAYS an error where we lose a feature only to see it return in a worse condition than before it was fixed?

  • pamiwamipamiwami Posts: 17 Level 2

    I must say that this has been more than frustrating with the "loss" of the Episode Race & Mr. Toffee's Fair. I have taken the "advise" of @Nix66 to no avail. 😕

    I have enjoyed playing CCSS for quite awhile now, however, without some of these "special" incentives to play it, it has not been quite as "enjoyable" & personally...I think, if you have to get rid of an event..perhaps you could let "Kimmy's Arcade" go & bring back the Episode Race & Mr. Toffees's Fair

  • CBRetriever2CBRetriever2 Posts: 64 Level 3

    I've done all the steps you recommend and it's still not back. Maybe it's because I clicked no to the please rate us pop up? Just kidding, but it's definitely decreased my desire to play it. Oddly enough I was just thinking yesterday, that Soda sure had a lot less problems than Saga :(

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