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Anyoneone else hating the new format?

Peachy_xPeachy_x Posts: 1 Newbie
edited June 2021 in Discussions

I have been playing Candy crush soda saga on and off for a few years. I'm somewhere over level 3500. Recently it just feels really corporate, like a gambling àpp or something. Bubblegum hill used to be fun, now it feels unwinnable and inaccessable, with the new 100 strikes to play. Theres some *Edited by CM: against the House Rules* propeller game, that makes no sense and feels preprogrammed. The graphics now feel clumsy and glitchy, with no proper pathway. As for the new foam things, they are like chocolate rounds on steroids. Used to be a big fan of Soda, thinking of deleting. Is anyone else feeling like it's gone down bubblegum hill?


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 21,906 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome

    I know exactly what you mean and I agree with you. There's a post for it and you're welcome to post it there. The moderators can give you the link.

    Good luck and have fun anyway

    @Yosca @Origins7_Dale @Nix66

  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 19,690 Legend

    Hi @Peachy_x and welcome to our lovely and Sodalicious Community!

    First off please keep in mind Candy Crush Soda Saga is a free game and enjoyed by millions of players worldwide.

    Secondly Bear Brawl is the name of the event that you describe as “the propeller game”. It is a fun event where players actually battle head to head in arenas. It’s an awesome way to see if your Soda skills are indeed superior and if they are it will advance you all the way to the Championship Arena where prizes await.

    The energy currency system in place to enter and play both Bear Brawl and Bubblegum Hill actually save your lives. Now you do not lose a life while playing a side event.

    I would enjoy hearing what you do like about the Soda game that so many of us here in the Community love. 😉

  • darkflowerdarkflower Posts: 5 Level 2

    I have been playing on and of for years just like you. I recently started playing again and I must say I really Love the way it is right now. And not a lot has changed as far as I can remember. There are more challenges and I like that. Sometimes though I do get the impression that the games are in a certain algorithm because there are obvious patterns, like being stuck in the extremely hard levels and then after I don't know how many times all of the sudden your luck is there. Anyway, I love playing, but I can imagine you feel a bit frustrated.

  • BrazzieBrazzie Posts: 57 Pro Player 👑

    I totally agree @Peachy_x - I have also been playing the game for several years and am ready to delete it. The rewards for winning have been reduced substantially and the game is obviously not about skill, you win when they program you to win. Yes, it is a “free” game, but the reality is you can’t advance in a reasonable period of time unless you buy boosters, which is obviously what the almighty King is after. Bubble Gum Hill, Bear Brawl, Kimmy’s Arcade - they have become virtually unbeatable without boosters, the rewards are no longer worth the amount of time to play. But people are addicted to the game and it’s a cash cow for King.

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