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Few months on, I still think old Kimmy had more personality than her current sprites

DukeSR8DukeSR8 Posts: 80 Level 2

By "old" I mean the paper cutout version. I liked the animations she did, now she seems less lifelike and more static (only animation I don't miss is her "So Close" animation because that one took 5 years to end. The new graphic is definitely an improvement IMO).

She seems dull (especially compared to the Friends Saga group) without her little victory animations and her "Life Lost animations". Honestly wish the devs had kept her victory animations instead of having a generic character portrait.


  • LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 3,887 Community Manager

    Hello @DukeSR8 !

    That's super great feedback!

    But I would like to ask you some questions to understand a little bit better:

    When you talk about the "animations she did" "her little victory animations and her "Life Lost animations" you mean in the Saga map or when you finish a level?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! πŸ€—

  • DukeSR8DukeSR8 Posts: 80 Level 2

    I mean in the levels. Sorry for not being clear. Her out of level animations and dialogue out of the levels are fine since they convey her character we'll enough there but her old victory and life lost animations really sold the idea of a character with sass and vibrant personality in levels, almost like someone who could actually exist and easily be the life of the party.

    Her new animations (well screenshots really) just make her look like an average kid that's happy about ...anything and everything. It kinda makes her feel less the heroine and more like a sidekick that gets happy because the hero achieved something minor.

  • LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 3,887 Community Manager

    Hello @DukeSR8 !

    Wow.. again, that's amazing! Thank you so much for the clarification

    I will pass your feedback to the Studio, because I'm 100% sure they are going to find this as useful and powerful as I did!

    It's a great honor to have players like yourself, willing to share your thoughts with us about the game we love so much. There's no better way to keep improving! πŸ€—

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