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Using other people likenesses?

FlakybakerFlakybaker Posts: 1 Newbie

Hi I noticed tonight when I joined a new soda saga team that there were 3 other players currently on that team WITH MY FACE. I went in to some other teams and my profile pic is all over the game being used WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. When will you pay me for using my likeness in your game?


  • simplyPsimplyP Posts: 8,851 Level 5
    edited October 2021

    Wow! That is unreal. I need to see a screenshot. @Flakybaker

    Or try logout, clear cache, and log back in. Might just be a glitch on your game app.

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  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 18,084 Soda Moderator

    Hello @Flakybaker and welcome to our wonderful and helpful Community!

    To report this or any abuse by other players you’ll need to contact Player Support directly from your Game.

    To contact Player Support:

    Open your Game / Select the gear wheel icon / Select the β€œ?” or Help Center / Scroll down and select Privacy & Terms / Select How do I report abuse / Select Contact Us / Submit your claim.

  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 4,031 Soda Moderator

    Hi @Flakybaker and welcome to Soda community πŸ˜€

    It might be a temporary graphic glitch. It happened to me too when new players joined my team and had my picture when I was notified in the team chat. Then all went back to normal.

    check if your game and device are updated, and your device has at least 2 GB memory. Then log out - close game - clear cache (app or browser/history) - restart device - log in and pass a level.

    See if your team mates still show your picture in the list of all members partecipating.

    You can always follow @Nix66 directions to report this issue to Player Support

  • Calamity_CoyoteCalamity_Coyote Posts: 63 Level 2

    Yeah, it's a graphics glitch. I've seen it as well in my team. Usually corrects when I close and reopen game.

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