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Forum notification glitch

Calamity_Coyote Posts: 113 Level 3

Today when I checked the forum, I had a red 3 on the bell for notifications. I clicked on the bell to get the drop down menu. One was letting me know it was my 2nd anniversary and one was letting me know I was promoted to level 3. I did not see what the 3rd new notification was so I went ahead and clicked "Mark all read" to clear the notification. No new notifications. So I thought.

When I refreshed the screen, I got a 1 on the bell again. Checking again, I did not see any new notifications. Marked read again. Notification number gone. Refreshed again, 1 is back.

I clicked "All Notifications" and got a list of all notifications. I found one that was not listed in the regular drop down. One that someone mentioned me in a thread that apparently has been deleted as I can no longer see it.

As someone who has CDO (that's OCD with the letters in alphabetical order "as they should be"), this really bothers me.


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