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kholikholi Posts: 2
My quests have been missing for the last few days. Is this something new on the game?

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  • duskriduskri Posts: 1
    I’m missing Mr Toffee fair even though the game is updated to the latest version 
  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 3,362 Legend
    Hi @duskri - okay so I believe the event is still being rolled out in testing so not everyone has it yet. However I’m going to tag the CM @Xarly to see if he has any additional info.
    With great knowledge comes great responsibility! 🍬🙏🏻
  • XarlyXarly Posts: 1,422 Community Manager
    Hi @duskri ,

    Events like Mr Toffee come and go and are not always available for everyone. We do this in order to ensure the players' experience and to guarantee that the performance of the game is at its best.

    This just means that, if your game is up to date and running well, you have to sadly wait until it shows up for you. It's only a matter of time though :smile:.


  • DexmonDexmon Posts: 1

    So, you remove quests for everyone, slowing their game progression, and then roll Mr Toffee out to a small test group. Sounds more like an experiment to me, since Mr Toffee was announced well over a month ago.

    Yeah, it was rolled out for testing. Testing to see if there is a drop in player engagement/numbers among those who don't have it available. Testing to see if there is an uptick in in-game spends among players with no quests available. Testing to see how many complaints it generated. If it has a small negative impact and/or generates more revenue, some of us may be in for a long wait.

    The game is free-to-play and King needs to make its money somehow. I'm fine with that, just don't talk to us like we're idiots. More than a month to "test" an update for a simple match-3 game. Right. Guess it's time for me to move on to one of the other bazillion and 1 free time wasters out there.

  • YoscaYosca Posts: 123 ✭✭✭

    So true!

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