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  • ccgamer22ccgamer22 Posts: 3 New Bee
    Day 4 and no rows completed, so no prizes or extras. Once again my teammates are blocking any possibility of completing a row. The only open tiles require boosters. Can't get boosters because can't complete a row. The definition of a catch 22.
  • jeffchandler1jeffchandler1 Posts: 4 New Bee
    Seems to me that the exodus of ‘free’ player like myself is of little concern to King. I understand they run a business, and they can’t make a profit by giving out free boosters. They are probably trying to see if they can make more money by making the game impossible to beat without paying money. So, being angry as a player is kind of moot.  I wonder why they haven’t considered simply reducing the cost of the boosters. I might pay $5.00 for a suite of boosters. But, I won’t pay $15.00.  This is for sure: I won’t spend a week trying to pass a level. There’s too many other games available to screw around with an impossible one. I’ll keep monitoring the forum to see if they’ve axed Mr Toffee. Until they do, I’m not crushing.
  • Anne_MartinAnne_Martin Posts: 299 Level 4
    they make a profit with the commercials they run. 
    I don't trust them anymore and won't put a credit card here...
  • ISurvivedISurvived Posts: 43 Level 2
    JeffChandler1, not all of us are able to spend even the $5.00. The quests at least gave us a chance to win boosters and pass hard levels. Now that they are gone. We are all stuck with no boosters and no way to pass the difficult levels.

  • Anne_MartinAnne_Martin Posts: 299 Level 4
    if it were $5 once, it could be. But you need boosters almost daily, and then, it is too much. To spend $20 a week, no, I can't either.
    And to think that we pay for the meager results we get would take away any enjoyment.
    I noticed very cleary last week that the hard levels are only possible with boosters. 
    The levels have got too hard, it has to be said too. The normal ones were created at the beginning. Then, they were tweaked to make it almost impossible... to make us use boosters.
    All of it shows once again the greed of Activision, sadly.
  • Marcy_OktavecMarcy_Oktavec Posts: 14 Level 2
    Even BGH has become impossible without boosters.
    Also ruined is Pet Rescue. Impossible to win gold bars with new Mystery Mountain.
    Shame on you.
  • sharonkobeskesharonkobeske Posts: 2 New Bee
    Yosca said:
    Hi @Xarly. Why are my quests has been disappeared and still no Mr. Toffee’s fair. I understand It will take some time to give it to every player. However, now my quests are gone I can’t get prizes. I think this is an unfair situation. Please let the studio know they should give players Mr. Toffee or Quests. I am really not amused.
    Hi @Xarly,  I win Mr. Toffee Fair and get my prise of 1 hour of play BUT it will not give me the lollipop I won and that has happened 3 times already.

  • sharonkobeskesharonkobeske Posts: 2 New Bee
    I am new at this so bear with me.  I have won a prize from Mr. Toffee Fair and it gives me my timed reward BUT  not my lollipops I have won.  This has happened 3 times?  How can it be fixed ?

  • LauraLMasonLauraLMason Posts: 378 Level 4
    I used my last 2 lollipops along with double fish bonus to finally finish a hard level, I cant seem to win this week's bubblegum hill. It seems a lot harder than the last few weeks, I have been waiting for several days for teammates to finish 2 different rows in Mr. Toffee. So, otherwise without some other real Quests that I can try to earn on my own I am screwed!
  • Anne_MartinAnne_Martin Posts: 299 Level 4
    I did the same... used my lollypops to pass a few levels and I'm lucky enough to have the quests to hope and get some more... not so fast or easy, but there is hope. Without boosters, the end of the 2100, from 2166 maybe until 2200 or further are IMPOSSIBLE. 
  • iampattiriampattir Posts: 1 New Bee
    i do not like mr toffee at all.  With that said and if we are stuck with it I have a few suggestions.  First you have to do away with using boosters to complete a box, it just makes no sense.  Second,  king needs verify that teammates are active players. Last, there has to be a way to remover a player that is sitting on a box for days or in my case weeks without completing the task and blocking us from completing a row.  Maybe after a Few days refresh the board to a new board.  
    In my case, the box that is blocking us required only 500 red candies. My only option ( other that using boosters) was to complete 3 icing levels and 3 jam levels. I had to wait for new levels to complete one of the boxes and now have to wait another week for new levels to complete the other.  I will be on this board for over 3 weeks.

    I totally believe  some players are blocking rows from completion just to be mean and it's frustrating the day lights out of me.

  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 212 Level 3
    So I just got a new Mr. Toffee board.  Each board has 8 possibilities to earn a prize—4 horizontal, 4 vertical.  I can see 15 of the squares.  A teammate is working on the one I can’t see.  Here’s the problem I have with it.  Without knowing what that last square requires, I do know that 4 of the options for earning a prize require one of the players to complete a level.  Two of the options require completion of at least 2 levels.  I say “at least” because one square requires a player to earn 5 stars which is a minimum of two levels.  One option require completion of at least 4 levels.    The final option requires the use of a booster.  I have several issues with passing levels.  First, the one time I used one of the level squares, I didn’t get credit for passing that level.  Second, depending on where you are in the game, you may not be working on a level that meets the requirement of one of the squares.  Finally, it make take several days (or weeks) for someone to pass a level which holds the team up from completing a board.  I suspect that many of the complaints about players sitting on squares are squares that require the player to pass a particular level.  With the limit of only being able to do two new squares in one day, it’s pretty easy to understand why players are stuck on a board for multiple days.

    Also, I posted about the prizes earlier.  I am happy to say that I received a hand switch today.  First time I’ve received something I consider to be of value.  

    Please bring back the quests for everyone.  

  • toffeefairsuckstoffeefairsucks Posts: 1 New Bee
    My user name says it all. Get rid of this useless feature. 
  • BirdgirlBirdgirl Posts: 25 Level 2
    Just "won" a line on MTF and was presented with 1 hour of lives and a wrapped candy.  Didn't get the wrapped candy.  Meager rewards to start with and then the candy wasn't awarded.  When released,  MTF was touted as a:
    1. New version of quests
    2. Earn prizes faster
    3. Work as a team

    The "work as a team" claim is only true when you are teamed with active participants.  Usually, my team doesn't even select a square or if they do, they sit on it but not complete it, very effectively blocking me.

    The "earn prizes faster" claim is definitely not true.  When allowed to tick only two squares a day, even if all three players are playing will allow only 1 "win" a day and possibly 2 "wins" the following.  That is the best case scenario.   When quests were active, there were 3 quest allowed per day, some quests took longer, but the shorter quests that were completed were replaced the next day.  It took patience, but boosters could be accumulated as opposed to MTF where the prize doesn't always get added.

    I can't agree MTF is a new version of quests.  It isn't anywhere as good as the old quests and it is buggy.  Or maybe it isn't a bug, but a feature in the eyes of the company.

    I am still hanging in there, trying to grow my inventory of lollipops, not playing levels and hoping, hoping, hoping that King realizes they made a big mistake and bring back quests to all.

  • XarlyXarly Posts: 2,280 Community Manager
    Hi all,

    Thank you for your feedback - we are currently reviewing both features and we keep track of your opinions and thoughts always during the process.

    A couple of things I wanted to mention based on your comments:

    • The team is still investigating the possible issue on Windows 10. Thank you all for reporting it, as this is not the intended behaviour of the feature.
    • If you had any issues with the rewards not being granted, please reach out to me via Private message. Just click on my name and then on "Send Message" and we can look at your account privately.
    • Special thank you to those of you like @iampattir that have also dropped suggestions, they really help us think of possible improvements and tweaks as we move forward. Please do not hesitate to give us any constructive feedback like that.

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