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Improve rewards of MTF and the Squad

LizzyLemondropLizzyLemondrop Posts: 805 Game Expert
edited September 2019 in Kimmy's Idea Box

Removing both Quests and events that rewarded non-timed pre-game boosters has been poorly received by the players. I propose that King either bring back Quests or add non-timed boosters to the team events Mr. Toffee’s Fair and Soda Squad.

*In particular, the pre-game boosters that should be non-timed are: Color Bomb, Coloring Candy, and Candy Fish.

Tagging: @Xarly, @Jami_Fagala, @Yosca, @BeckyBubblegum, @Gee_62, @LauraLMason, @Clover_7, and @marscrushinit

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