Daily glitches galore in Candy Crush Soda Saga et al

Charles_EmerickCharles_Emerick Posts: 6
It is becoming very frustrating to play lately. For the past two weeks there has been at least one glitch per day. Today is no exception. I completed the tile board and the prizes were a wrapped candy and unlimited lives for 1 hour. I got the wrapped candy but am here typing this now because I ran out of lives because I didn't get the unlimited for one hour prize. I stopped playing once before because of the glitches.....
On a side note... the new Diamond Diaries Saga has only loaded completely once. I got as far as the letter from the aunt about going to Paris, or where ever, and the game would not progress past that point. I have attempted to play a few times since and nada.... it gets to the script about "finding diamonds, city routes, etc" and no further does it go. smh


  • Lasty_EddLasty_Edd Posts: 2
    Based on my experience, I have completed a tile board but didn’t receive prizes. 
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 19,948 Superstar
    Hi @Charles_Emerick and @Lasty_Edd, welcome to our community.  I would also like to take a moment to offer  both of you a message for all newbies to learn more about our community which you can find here:  https://community.king.com/en/candy-crush-soda-saga/discussion/258887/newbies-this-message-is-for-you#latest

    I think you are both referring to Mr. Toffee's Fair.  We have a main thread where you can post your message and also the community manager is updating about this event there too. 

  • Charles_EmerickCharles_Emerick Posts: 6
    Well thank you kindly for that information Elsa. Just a note... a newbie I am not. Been playing this and other King games for years. That I've only posted in the forum twice is not a reflection of my knowledge or experience, with the game or otherwise. I am confident that I made my original post "here" because this area was the most appropriately titled for my feedback and fit with the other posts in this area. Here's a novel idea... if you have specific sections where you wish to have players post specific ideas or issues... why not have one of the developers create those specific sections and title them properly so there would be no confusion where you want people to post specific things. Instead of having to come to a post that you find not correctly placed and putting that big, unnecessarily long descriptive with information that may or may not even apply to the OP or any other contributor. If you want people to do things a certain way you have to let them know how or make the map to get there obvious. If you hide the topics under other topic headings you will have people lost. And then you come with your post titling people when you do not have a clue about them or their experiences, much less how long they have been having their experiences. I hope my rambling hasn't worn you out and has made the point clear. Have a great day. 

    PS: Regardless of anything else.... your post did not resolve the issue of the game glitch(es).
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 19,948 Superstar
    @Charles_Emerick, you misinterpreted my message.  I never said that you were a newbie to the game.  I would never say that to anyone.  You are a newbie to the community.  I am just a volunteer who comes here to help the players with their issues.  I do not set up the areas so I can just forward links to the players here in the community.  Your rambling has not worn me out.  That's what I am here for - to read and respond when I can. 

    This is what I am going to do for you.  I am going to tag @Xarly who is the Community Manager for this game.  Perhaps he can offer you something more than I just did.  But I really do appreciate you writing all that you did and I can empathize with what you wrote.  It can be frustrating.  I have no come across with any glitches in CC Soda Saga so is there any specific glitches that you would like to let us know about?
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