Where's my gold?

amosfayamosfay Posts: 1
I just paid $6.99 to break the pig for my 100 gold bars. The payment was accepted but no 100 gold bars appeared for me. Where's my gold? 


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 2,297 Community Moderator
    Hi @amosfay and welcome to our Community!

    Sorry to hear about this but we don't handle purchases in the Community. Not to worry as I will guide you through to Support. 

    Contact our Player Support team here.

    Under topic select: Problems with Purchases and then under subtopic: Purchased item not received.

    Include your Game ID on the message - This link will help you find it.

    Note! It can take up to 72h before receiving a reply.

    Hope this helps :) 

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