Time of the commercial vs more moves.

JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 39

30 seconds commercial for extra moves and than you get only 3 more moves for those 30 seconds is plain cruel.
If you give me a 30 seconds commercial - give me a bonus that is equal to the time I spend watching your commercial.

5 second commercial = 3 more moves.
10 second commercial = 5 more moves.
30 second commercial = 10 more moves.

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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,411 Legend
    edited November 1

    Well. It sounds good, but it will not be implemented that way. Because you get random trains of 3 - 15.


  • Me2Me2Me2Me2 Posts: 11
    I'd just like the option back again. Haven't had it for over a week.
  • Spinnifix said:
    Because you get random trains of 3 - 15.

    It is this randomness that I don't like. Because of the different length of the commercial. Sometimes a commercial is 30 seconds. That is in no compare to only 3 more moves. Nor do I think a 5 second commercial is more worth than 3. It is not that difficult to implement that way. The commercials are a new thing.. only from the last couple of month. So maybe they are still thinking about the ways to do or not.
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