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Taffy's game

iamleace Posts: 25 Level 2

Why do I always seem to get fellow players that select a task (often an easy one) only to leave it unfinished. Can people Please either finish the task you've picked or delete it so another person can finish it to complete the game and win.

Having a chat option would also be great.

Thanks & Stay Safe everyone


  • Dirty_Nurse
    Dirty_Nurse Posts: 555 Level 4

    If you’re referring to the Farce, I feel very sorry for you. This is a single-player game and nobody should be forced to rely on random “teammates” in order to earn rewards.

    I am one of the few lucky ones to still have the daily quests! Those are what you and every other player are looking for so I suggest abstaining from the game completely until they return for all. I’d also tell you to start a poll or thread about it here but those are useless as Activision couldn’t care less about player input.

  • iamleace
    iamleace Posts: 25 Level 2

    I had no idea there were different options given to different people. I'm starting to realize this game uh a most likely all digitally analyzed and then given to us according to our usage and am embarrassed to say they got me. They made me splurge on buying stuff just because they made me need one more move to win big on something or similar. In this day and age I can't say I blame them. They are a business after all

    I just wish I caught on sooner.. ill take this as a Lesson learned.

  • Lola_Pop
    Lola_Pop Posts: 12,031 Community Manager

    Hello @iamleace!

    First of all: thanks for your comments on Mr. Toffee's Fair!! It's essential for the Studio to get our players' feedback!!

    You're right, there are different test groups so not all players have access to the same features and events.

    However, these test groups are randomly chosen, and those tests help us make the game better and which features our players like best. 😊

    I hope this clarifies things a bit! Please let me know if you have any other question. If you want to give us more feedback, head over to the discussion area of the Community here !

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