Level 3000 treats

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I paid for the level 3000 treats awards and I received the gold bars but not the boosters. How do I get them added?


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    Hello and welcome to this community

    I'm sorry that you have a problem. In the community, we can’t handle buying issues

    To get help directly from the game: Go to the settings gearwheel in the game, then tap on the question mark. You'll be directed to the help center. There you look for your problem and follow the steps. If you cannot find the issue or the provided steps don't solve it, then scroll to the bottom of the same help center page and tap on 'Contact us': There you come to the contact form. Please fill in in your language. Please note that everything is spelled correctly (that is important): and send it. You will then receive an automatic email. Please answer to it and describe your request. Submit. And have some patience for the answer. If you don't get an answer after 3 days, please try again.




    Please look in the help center under gold bars & buy. Otherwise send an email. If you don't hear anything after 3 days, send the same email again. Please keep the email you sent. Good luck

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