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Feedback on the Three Day Quest

SRMVVCBSRMVVCB Posts: 20 Level 2
edited May 29 in Discussions

Not sure if that’s what it’s called but I had gotten a quest over the weekend to complete 20 gold levels by 6 pm Sunday. I spent quite a bit of time and boosters and thought I had gotten all 20 but this morning was told that I didn’t make it!

I would suggest that we be able to see how much time we have left as well as how many more we need to get to complete that quest. The only thing I saw was at the beginning of each day saying I had 3,2,or 1 day left. We have that ability to see how many we have earned on Mr Toffees Fair and other things but not this?

As I said I thought I had made it to 20 but don’t know for sure, having a running total would really help!


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 7,703 Game Expert

    Hello and welcome to this community

    This would be something for the ideas area. If you could have a look at the master list of Ides beforehand and if it has not yet been opened, please open it yourself and vote yourself. If a voice is already on it, the interest is awakened for the players. Please describe your idea clearly and in detail.

    Good luck

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  • LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 1,533 Community Manager

    Hello @SRMVVCB !

    Thank you a lot for your feedback. I will make sure to pass it to the Studio 🤗

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