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King Community Test🤓📝

SweeticeSweetice Posts: 2,331 Level 5

Hello Crushers!!💕

 I believe everyone is safe and happy plus enjoying king games.

;)Today I just came up with an idea of a test about how much do you know about the king community. Hope it will be fun and enjoyable-_-

 There are 8 questions totally and I will be releasing the answers for all after one month cause I need everyone to participate. So just write your answer or guess down below, and you will finally know the answer and test yourself on how much you know about our sweet community!

 ....ready?? LET'S START!!

  1. When was Candy crush soda released?

          A. 2012

          B. 2015

          C. 2000

   2.Who is the owner of King Community?

         A. Pounawea

         B. LadyRaffie

         C. Riccardo Zacconi

  3.How many games does King Community have?

       A. 25

       B. 24

       C. 20

  4.Who is the German ambassador of King community?

      A. @Diamond Lim

      B. @hechicerilla

      C. @Spinnifix

  5.How many CM(Community Managers) does King community have?

      A. 1

      B. 4

      C. 6

  6.What is the highest score in Candy crush soda?

     A. 1,998,259,794

     B. 1,999,259,792

     C. 1,000,987,980

  7.Who is "The Queen of tags" in this community?

    A. @Lola_Pop

    B. @Diamond Lim

    C. No one

  8.Is there any difference between "Superstar" and "Game expert" here in this community?

    A. Yes Of course.

    B. No, no difference at all.

    C. There is no such thing in the community.

You're done!

How was it...? Don't get stressed its just for testing and having fun.

You've just gotta post down your answer or guess and you will know how much you know about the community after I release the answer for the above 8 questions after 1 month which means I will release the answer in September 4th.


Have fun!!😊

@Diamond Lim do your thing!😉


·              *_* Sweetice....sweet snow teen girl!!! *_* A girl with passion, love and kindness! 💕

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                                                             Be 100% you! 




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