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Hi Community!

If you're here, it might be because you have some questions on Crash Bandicoot: on the Run! To help you out, we've prepared a few helpful links for you - You're welcome!

👉 When reporting an issue make sure to let us know the following details:

. Your Game ID

. The Game Build you're using.

. Your device:

. Give clear info about the Issue

. Let us now if you can reproduce the issue - That's always helpful to know if it's something that keeps on happening!

💥 All about the game HERE

To be more specific:

📱 How do I save my game? Here

💰 Why haven't I received my purchase? Here

📲 How do I transfer my progress between devices? Here

🛠My game keeps freezing and crashing, what should I do? Here

If after these you still need help, please Ask a question in Support HERE. Remember to add as many details as possible on the problem and a screenshot is always helpful!

See ya around, guys ✌️

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