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Some ideas of what achievements and tasks could be (Credit to Vov4ikFX)

W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5
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Something was said here earlier about the idea of implementing acheivements and tasks for the game (which i'm pretty sure it is going to happen soon or later) so i would like to give some ideas of acheivements and some daily/weekly tasks since they do bring activity to the game:

1) Acheivements (Separated in three different levels with obtainable rewards)

(The numbers are obviously a supposition so everyone can have a better idea)

• Run (20,000/50,000/100,000) total steps.

• Run (5,000/10,000/30,000) steps in a single run.

• Collect (5,000/15,000/50,000) wumpa fruit.

• Collect (500/1,500/5,000) total resources.

• Craft (10/100/1,000) weapons in any lab.

• Upgrade buildings (5/10/25) times.

• Collect (10/40/120) power gems.

• Win (5/25/100) multiplayer team runs.

• Break (800/4,000/10,000) crates.

• Spend a total of (100/250/1,000) purple crystals.

• Get (1/5/12) platinum relics.

• Get (1/5/12) challenge gems.

• Reach (3,000/10,000/30,000) trophies in a single season.

• Beat (3/10/25) different challenges.

• Repair the (Frosty/Inferno/Oxide) lab.

• Repair the (North/West/South) coop.

2) About daily and weekly tasks:

• Collect ("Specific number") steps from ("Specific level").

• Collect/Spend ("Specific number") resources.

• Break ("Specific number") wumpa crates from ("Specific level").

• Complete 1 challenge run from ("Specific level").

• Craft ("Specific weapon") ("Specific number") times.

• Play the game for ("Specific number") minutes/hours.

• Watch one ad in the vending machine or one ad in the "keep going" screen after dying in a run.

• Convert ("Specific number") steps in trophies.

• Convert ("Specific number") wumpa fruit in trophies.

• Collect ("Specific number") resources from ("Specific level").

• Sell resources from silo to receive ("Specific number") trophies.

• Play ("Specific level") for ("Specific number") minutes.

• Get 1st place in a multiplayer team run.

• Collect ("Specific number") wumpa fruit from multiplayer team runs.

• Get at least a gold/platinum relic in ("Specific level")

• Collect all avaliable resources from ("Specific level") once.

• Complete 1 mission from the mission computer (the building that shows enemy and bosses to defeat that gives you 1 power gem).

Remember this is just an idea, it is very clear some specific tasks or acheivements are better than some others, but my objective showing this is to give all possible ideas to help the COTR team if they plan to implement a daily/weekly task or acheivement system.

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