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Welcome to King Community... 👑

👋 Hey... If you are new here, Sign up in only 2 seconds! 💝


Before you comment, please read King Community House Rules... HERE! 

Also don't forget to read King terms & conditions... HERE! 



Remember, the badges will be collectable from Monday until Friday on every week and not on the weekends! 😉


Aku Aku has been creating some challenges & he summoned me to create some badges for you, bandicoots... 3 types of challenges that you have to complete to win 9 cool badges! 💞

🏆 Show us how many trophies you have!

Want to show off your skills and have fun?

Very simple, share a screenshot like this and you will win these badges... 👇

💫 1st Badge for 2,5K Trophies!

💫 2nd Badge for 5K Trophies!

💫 3rd Badge for 10K Trophies!

💎 Play... Win... Get Power Gems!

Let's see if you really are a mighty bandicoot and how many bosses you have defeated!

Share your Mission Computer screenshot and Coco will give you these badges! 👇

💫 1st Badge for 45 Power Gems!

💫 2nd Badge for 80 Power Gems!

💫 3rd Badge for 120 Power Gems!


Crash loves when you help him collect some Wumpa Fruits... 🥭🥭🥭

To share your screenshot, go to the Coco's Base, and then you will find the Wumpa Fruits' Crates just tap on it... Like this HERE and get your badges... 👇

💫 1st Badge for 10K Wumpa Fruits!

💫 2nd Badge for 30K Wumpa Fruits!

💫 3rd Badge for 50K Wumpa Fruits!

Warning... Beware of N. Brio's Punches! 👊

It is inappropriate that you steal other players screenshots, so if you are going to do that, me and Aku Aku will send Mutagen N. Brio to you and remove an opportunity to win badges!

In case if you don't want your screenshot been stolen by someone, edit your image by adding your name on it! 👍

So let's see who's Champion & Challenger Bandicoot... ✊

Also don't forget to react (Sweet 👍 - WOAH 🙂 - Love 💗) into my discussion! 🎶🎵

Let's see your sweetest comments...

See you around... 💞



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