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A use for time trial relics and colored gems

CashBanoocaCashBanooca Posts: 18 Level 2

I was surprised to see something so common in Crash games being only useful for bragging rights, so i came up with an idea.

Time trial relics: i think they could be used for challenge levels hidden somewhere in Coco's base

You can get access to them by having a set number of relics (just like in Crash 3)

You could also unlock harder variations of those stages with the other relics (2 sapphire=easy, 2 gold=medium and 2 platinum=hard)

The reward you get by beating them also variates depending on the difficulty but you also would have to be careful when choosing the difficulty as you can only try those stages one time per day.

Colored gems: I think they could be used to open a door to unlock really hard sections during collection runs but, instead of the challenge runs, which contain no ingredients but give you crystals for beating them, i think they should give a lot of ingredients but no crystals (like some sort of bonus round)

They are always open instead of you have to wait 24 hours to play it again, but to compensate that, if you lose, you dont get warped back to the regular stage, you just lose

Since most of the gems have the same color, i think a specific gem should open a specific door in a specific stage (for example: turtle woods colored gems opens a door in the lab).

I know all of that sounds really complicated but i just took the ideas from the original Crash trilogy.

So, do you guys like it? is there anything wrong with it? let me know in the comments!

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