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Confirmation popup when using crystals.



  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    The only reason why companies continues to push their greedy schemes is because they know it’ll actually work. There’s too many people carelessly supporting them.

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  • CoffeeologyCoffeeology Posts: 16 Level 2

    Yes I've accidentally done the same this would be good.

  • LlamaqueenLlamaqueen Posts: 30 Level 2

    Voted again. I just accidentally clicked on slot and around 200 crystals were gone...😭I was trying to save it for costume

  • AbriumAbrium Posts: 278 Level 3

    Guess this idea will always be cancelled then.

  • PauoloPauolo Posts: 322 Level 3

    And another missclick for me, costing me 395 crystals, because I wanted to quickly refill the south chicken coop. I already got reimbursed 95 crystals for the nitro lab's 3rd slot, so according to support's policy, I can't ask for one more. I get I can only swallow my frustration, since King is clearly not inclined in avoiding this scenario from repeating.

    Or maybe I'll just harass support? They'll probably just ignore my tickets though.

  • MaCoPiMaCoPi Posts: 387 Level 3

    Let me quote one part of the reply I got when this happened to me, just to show how well support actually knows the ins and outs of this game.

    When using Purple Crystals in the game to purchase items, no password is required, but the purchase screen clearly states how many Purple Crystals this will cost, and you have to actively click on the purchase button in order to purchase the relevant item. You also always have the option to exit the screen and not purchase the relevant item.

    So basically what they told me is that all Labs/Coops are 'purchase screens' and the nice shiny green buttons are actually the confirmation button.

    Also, this:

    This means that you may need to take a little care with which button you click. I know it can be frustrating using some of those precious Purple Crystals for something you didn't want to

  • PauoloPauolo Posts: 322 Level 3

    I only got that second paragraph the first time I contacted them to be reimbursed the 3rd nitro slot.

    That said, support are just telling what management wants them to tell. It's also easier to lay the blame on the consumers for mistakes regarding MTX than actually stepping back and rethink their MTX strategies to be less hostiles to said consumers. That is until governments start really weighing down on what should or should not be allowed in regards to MTX. I can't wait for that day.

  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,371 Crash On the Run Moderator

    Looks like CS never heard or believe in a missclick. You need to do stuff around the labs and coops, such as dragging weapons/eggs and collecting them if you had clicked on the building. Saying for the player to "take a little care with which button you click" is such a rude and a completely unnecessary thing to say.

    And worse of all, there isn't a single benefit for not bringing the confirmation purchases to the game. Like, do they literally think people are going to buy crystals through microtransactions after they missclicked and lost them all and support refused to give them back? Doesn't work this way.

    Every choice is important - even the smallest ones can produce a outstanding impact anywhere on the future.

  • MaCoPiMaCoPi Posts: 387 Level 3

    We are talking about the same group of people who made their staff tell this to me when I asked about the no ad issue:

    Let me start by saying that I understand how frustrating this must be for you. We greatly value your feedback about your Advertisements in Crash Bandicoot​. 


    Our developers constantly work on improving current features and implementing new ones. They put in hard work to test both old and new features in order to make the game fresh and exciting for our players. 


    Unfortunately, at this moment, the ads you mentioned are part of those tested features. This is the reason it was changed for now. I can't really give you the exact information about whether this feature will return in its former shape, or when will that happen. 


    Our Developers also make use of testing groups, in order to try out different versions of each feature to find out what our players will enjoy the most. 


    I can only promise that you will soon, if not already, see a new and improved feature in your game of Crash Bandicoot​. I only hope you will be able to enjoy this new feature as much as you did with the old one. 

    They are literally testing a feature that makes players bleed Crystals, I think that proves enough.

    I don't think they ever thought about trying to make an enjoyable game with an ever growing happy player base, what would probably also would be the best strategy business wise since a large happy player base would also mean a good steady flow of money.

  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,371 Crash On the Run Moderator


    Of all the possibilities I thought the "no AD issue" would happen, that was by far the greediest and worst of all them. You can't just purposely remove ads option completely from a certain percentage of people and pretending nothing happened, it can literally ruin your experience specially if you ran out of crystals. Thank you a lot for this information, I'll make sure to mention this in my feedback as well.

    Every choice is important - even the smallest ones can produce a outstanding impact anywhere on the future.

  • GetHankedGetHanked Posts: 948 Level 5

    I spent 125 purple crystals by accident, speeding up an inferno Bazooka, the massive green button is easily touched especially in touch screen, something needs to be done about this it is frustrating and I wonder how many times this has to happen to people before they change it.

    What matters in life is to take a stand. There will be situations in life where we must take a stand. If we do not take a stand, then we will fall down in our own eyes. Let us take a stand for what is right. And let us raise our voice against injustice.

  • MiamiCrash3MiamiCrash3 Posts: 153 Level 2

    That happened to me also a while ago haha. I bought the 395 slot before the 195 one. I also accidentally bought the 295 Oxide Slot and bought Golf Coco on accident too.

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