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Lost Trophies/Tickets Survival Run

Kuriishi Posts: 3 Newbie
edited March 2021 in Support

I encountered a bug yesterday during a survival run. I used a Ticket to start the run and then when I died I got a prompt to watch an ad to continue (with 2 continues remaining). So, I did this and kept running, I died again and got the same prompt (with 2 continues remaining, curiously). I then repeated this again and again as much as the game allowed me to.

However, after about 10 prompts or so, the option to watch an ad to continue went away. At this point I had about 1700+ Trophies but when the screen changed to credit them it only credited about 200. Not only this, but the game took away all my tickets (the 10 free ones you get at the start) as well which was disappointing.

Could someone clarify whether this functionality news intended or not or if there's some way I could be recompensated for the lost items?


Edit: For reference, Game Version 1.0.76

Player ID is 12448985199


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