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🐛 KNOWN ISSUES 💥 Updated: May 20th, 2021

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Hey Bandicoots! 👋

Before posting and reporting a bug or an issue in the game, please check here below if it has been reported already and to find more info on it.

🚨 Top priority

⚡ Falling through existing floor in Dino Might/Bear it Survival Run!

⚡ Lost steps.

⚡ New Season 2 is not appearing in-game. Players need to update to version 1.20.68 full released in Android and iOS!

⚡ Player didn't receive the end season rewards **Clan ranked leaderboard** 

⚡ Sounds / music missing from the game!

⚡ Trophies **general topic / issues**  Trophies will need a lot of changes, as we seem to be showing different numbers - on-going!

🚨 Minor Bugs

⚡ When selecting to watch an Ad after dying in a collection/ survival run, the Ad will not load and game will be stuck on the screen.

Aku Aku Quest is requesting to collect "Bellow Peppers" Studio is aware and will try to remove the task as soon as possible - on-going

North Chicken Coop - Copies the color of the south coop instead of having the correct color!

The Great Gate - The Challenge Gem is missing!

⚡ Crash while playing Survival Runs!

⚡ User can not collect production in coop slot because server says slot not unlocked!

⚡ Crashes after logging to an existing account.

⚡ Player lost items during a collecting run due to a connection error!

Survival Runs: app crashes after long run Studio is investigating on-going

Bandicoot Pass: Trophies not synced!

Deactivating in game sound and music not working. This should happen only during tutorials when starting the adventure. Sound is re-enabled during tutorial in case player reloads/resets the tutorial step on-going...

⚡ Join a Team doesn't work!

Survival Runs: Event has ended before time and player can not end the competition Studio is investigating on-going

Survival Runs: I finished second / third even though I have a better time than the winner Studio is investigating on-going

⚡ Sliding through mushrooms doesn't jump so player hits a wall!

⚡ Unable to send messages in my team’s chat section!

Trophies disappeared from the team's total This seems to happen when a new season starts due to the delay in resetting teams total trophies - on-going!

⚡ Offer price suddenly changes. Reported to the Studio on-going!

Please note that all of these issues is under investigation and will hopefully be fixed soon... 👋

Please keep your app updated to get all fixes as soon as they are released!

You can find more helpful articles and info in our Help Center HERE!

If you couldn't find your issue above and need more help, please feel free to post it here in our support pages. Please don't forget to provide the following... 👇

Player ID: 12345678910

Game Build: V0.0.0 **Please tell us the latest game version that you have on your device**

Device: Android/iOS **Please show us your actual device name with the operating system you have**


Can the issue be repeated: Y/N

These type of informations will help the game studio tracking the bug that you have been reported very easily and fix it shortly! ✨

Have a N.SANE day... 🎶

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