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Only lose steps from that single run when you die

LynicaLynica Posts: 50 Level 3

Right now whenever you die on a run and don't click those ads or use purple crystals to revive, you're going to lose all your accumulated steps. Which makes it disappointing and frustrating because you'll lose all your days of progress from a single run's death.

I am hoping they'll make a change in the game wherein we will only lose steps from that single run where we die/lose instead of losing all saved steps :<

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  • GreeehgGreeehg Posts: 30 Level 2

    Yeah, I found this out the hard way and lost 19k steps! You can imagine my frustration. This should be the standard without having to watch an add or use crystals to save steps you had before a run.

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  • LynicaLynica Posts: 50 Level 3

    @Greeehg same! Found out about it when I lost all my steps after getting distracted while playing and I even thought it was just a bug on my game lol. Currently trying not to accumulate too much steps by exchanging them whenever I reach 20k. Would be more convenient overall if it could be changed >.<

  • SmileyGuy²SmileyGuy² Posts: 153 Level 3

    I know right it's really annoying when that happens. I saved up 30k steps and it all just poofed when I messed up and crashed. Although I think it's only a glitch that developers are trying to fix (emphasis on think, I can't tell) hope that helps. :)

  • connorcerealconnorcereal Posts: 27 Level 2

    i thought the same thing, hoping they listen to this. :)

  • farboifarboi Posts: 103 Level 3

    Yes, I love your idea. the many times that I've died and had to spend crystals just so I couldn't lose my steps frustrates me. They should be able to delete the steps from that run, and if possible decrease the amount of crystals you have to spend to respawn from 9 to 5 so it wouldn't hurt as much.

  • CaptainSlowCaptainSlow Posts: 6 Level 2

    Try losing 105k steps when you die for the first time in hours!!! This defiantly needs to be addressed either lose what you have in that current run or at worse a % of your total accumulated steps you haven’t traded in e.g 10-20% as losing 100% of potentially hours of game time is unfair.

  • Regi93Regi93 Posts: 48 Level 2

    This is a well-known bug. It should work like this: If you die in a collection run, you only lose the trophies from that specific run. Let's just hope the bug will be fixed asap...

  • LynicaLynica Posts: 50 Level 3

    Bumping this up because this is what we badly need right now with all the new bugs and weird ad revives. I'm done spending crystals just to save all of my accumulated steps. This is what we want, not more chances of losing everything you have 😐

  • LynicaLynica Posts: 50 Level 3

    Ouch. That's alot of running time lost. Even more difficult now that ad revives come in randomly. I just finished running twice in survival run today and only got 4 ad revives, the rest were crystals. Boss fights barely have ad revives either. Sucks that we have to choose either to lose all steps and items or lose tons of crystals :(

  • LynicaLynica Posts: 50 Level 3

    Up! Really need this specially rn that ads are vanishing into the dark realm. Lol

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    I agree it can be very frustrating to lose all steps, especially the first time you encounter it as the game isn’t being very clear that it’s actually your total amount of steps that’s at risk. In terms of steps it works like a rogue-like game and while i do like the thought of being able to store some of our steps so we can’t lose them, i also feel like the leaderboards would be very broken and unbalanced at the start of every season if some people could just save up millions of steps without the risk of losing them. So personally i think we need to find a middle ground where we can save steps but perhaps have a limit on how many be brought into a new season.

  • LynicaLynica Posts: 50 Level 3

    I see your point there but I believe being able to store your steps can be differentiated from the issue of how many steps you can bring into the new season. Just like the first season, people were still able to save up steps whether there is a storage or not. They can play on the easiest maps and use crystals or ad revives to save their steps. The steps storage will have the main purpose of not losing everything when you're almost 20k steps but you die and don't have ads or crystals (ads are even missing rn) as well as saving up for the current season to exchange them at once. Regarding the step "hoarding" as I call it, I believe someone has already suggested that in this section to keep people away from saving steps for the next season. You can check that out and maybe both ideas can be heard and be balanced like having a step storage for the current season but it gets reset at the end of each season :)

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    @Lynica Hey, about being short on ads and being forced to spend crystals or lose all progress, i know that if you relaunch the app so you can recollect all the ingredients you would potentially lose, now i am not sure if you’ll still lose your steps, but i suppose it could be worth a try if you happen to be in a situation where you are out of options anyways.

  • HubuduguhHubuduguh Posts: 12 Level 2

    It's possible from what I've seen that the ad revives are limited by the day? If so, please give us an Ads Remaining counter, like the continues in tournanment runs!!

    I was only forced to use crystals on the days that I died the most.

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