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Too easy to accidentally spend Crystals on Refills

HalkelHalkel Posts: 18 Level 2

I was checking my challenges to see if they were recharged, then I got distracted and I lost a lot of crystals on Turtle Woods for a refill I did not want or need. If one button press is all it needs to use premium currency, it's unfair and bad game design. At least have some sort of dialogue box asking if I want to do it. If I don't get those gems back, then that's unfair. I'm saving for Legendary Skins, not this. How can I save if Fat Finger Syndrome (easy to hit the wrong button on small screens like a phone) forces me to lose large quantities of crystals? And can I have those crystals back once you fix the problem? This mishap is a real put off.


  • deitgebdeitgeb Posts: 9 Level 2


    I just lost crystals that I PAID FOR. You call it bad game design, I call it a deliberate ploy so you waste your money and have to spend more.

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  • PablOFHPablOFH Posts: 132 Level 3

    Hahahaha I thought was the only person who lost crystals this way, i've lost more than 140 crystals by pressing the wrong button ... The King Team should improve the buttons design

  • HalkelHalkel Posts: 18 Level 2

    Yes, they should. If you accidentally drop your device and your finger just happens to touch it, you'd wish you let your phone break.

  • abunaiYoabunaiYo Posts: 105 Level 2

    You can also buy skins already in your inventory. They take the gems and everything and give you nothing. I am (or well, was, I'm not really playing anymore, support is unacceptably poor) trying to collect all the skins, so whenever new ones showed up I just bought them all, but I noticed the other day (right AFTER clicking buy/to claim of course in the vending machine) that the skin I had just bought was one I was USING at the moment. Super frustrating.

  • westy17westy17 Posts: 43 Level 2

    Head over to the ideas section and find a post suggesting something similar and vote for it 🙂 if you can’t find the suggestion you can make your own!

  • abunaiYoabunaiYo Posts: 105 Level 2

    Just saying, I personally don’t think this should have to be suggested,. This, to me, some one who has no problem buying in-game items for games I enjoy because I do believe in supporting the developers who made it, etc, is a design failure in King’s part. No mobile app that respects their customers’ money skips basic functions like confirmation screens or disabling duplicate purchases on items you can’t receive more than one of, like a skin. This is a sign that King is happy to have people accidentally spend gems or unknowingly spend gems on things they already have.

  • HalkelHalkel Posts: 18 Level 2

    I've done that, and they closed it for being a duplicate after 12 votes. the number proved just how much salt this has caused to people. I suspected there might have been one but I never found it.

  • westy17westy17 Posts: 43 Level 2

    Ah ok hmm... yeah that’s more than enough to warrant it being changed it’s clearly a problem

  • abunaiYoabunaiYo Posts: 105 Level 2

    Haha hey thanks, I just did (mostly). After I finally got through to King's support TODAY. Apple denied it at first, King wouldn't help, but after a ton of stress and yeah, I'll admit, some tears on my part, someone explained and I got the decision reviewed by apple and got it back.

    I didn't even ask for the initial 40$ back yet, but even though support promised (today) to get me the items for that purchase, I have nothing for it. But at least it's just the 40$ now!

  • westy17westy17 Posts: 43 Level 2

    Thank god! Must admit I was shocked u had lost so much money from this and no one was helping but it’s really good to know it’s finally getting sorted out! 😁😁😁

  • abunaiYoabunaiYo Posts: 105 Level 2

    @westy17 Honestly I didn't get help from King until TODAY. And first one person offered me 300 gems, another stated King isn't predatory and no one else is having issues, and finally the last person saw the overcharges and that I hadn't received anything for ANY of the charges (all of them using the same info...so some pay attention but others are happy to tell you to go screw).

    Apple initially denied the refund which was a nightmare too, their support didn't know why, and one person I spoke to speculated that King rejected the claim (that is apparently not possible? IDK) so I had been contacting both, and FINALLY the last person who finally helped me at King's support explained that it's actually a default in Apple's system, when there's a large number of refunds to issue they often usually deny the first round. But no one explained this -- and if King support knows this, they should be telling people, especially since I asked MANY people for help with the denied refund.

    BUT! I'm trying to take a page out of your book and be helpful with the info I've learned, and I'm putting a thread in Support to explain what worked and what didn't. So thanks for inspiring me to do something instead of just complain haha!

  • HowardTilley_HowardTilley_ Posts: 7 Level 2

    Jems don't go far enough too much money!

  • HowardTilley_HowardTilley_ Posts: 7 Level 2

    Had to spend 600$ not good! To much!

  • HowardTilley_HowardTilley_ Posts: 7 Level 2

    Bottom left corner is a trap for you to enjoy! Try it!

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