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You did not receive your purchase? (Skin or other items)



  • GetHanked
    GetHanked Posts: 948 Level 5

    And I’ve contacted customer support and they sent me this generic auto response I replied with my receipt and they haven’t responded to my email so now I’m posting here.

  • abunaiYo
    abunaiYo Posts: 106 Level 2

    I think I've mentioned elsewhere but I want to flag this everywhere possible: support isn't receiving some customer replies, and despite my repeat attempts to notify them since Monday, only TODAY did someone bother to pay any attention instead of asking me to do the same thing over and over again without success.

    So, if you're in the same boat: first, if you only paid once/haven't been overcharged, try captain_swag42's post (sorry, don't know how to link it? so I'm pasting here):

    "Log out of your game if you have a King account, then delete cache & data. Then open your app, pause the tutorial, log back in & this should fix your issue. Worked for me just now. Hope it helps! 😊"

    That's the kind of thing support SHOULD be recommending, of course, but ALAS. Anyway, if that doesn't work, you have two options; find a way to get screenshots to support or ask apple/google/etc for a refund. Because their broken system isn't receiving replies, if you want your items, I recommend uploading the pics somewhere and sending links in a new support ticket (by making a new complaint in game). Be prepared to try a couple times, in my experience responses sometimes ignore what you've said.

    This next bit is a tiny bit of speculation on my part (because I've STILL received zero help and I'm done waiting, they've had plenty of time and info to do much better with) BUT given how the purchases are labeled, I'm 99% sure I have this correct: If you were charged more than once, or if you're done with support's nonsense, request a refund for the purchase in question from apple or google or whoever your provider is.

    The thing is, the purchase names don't match in-game names, so you might have to guess a bit. If you're not sure what it's called, but you remember the price, try searching by cost. If you remember when you purchased, try by date, etc. For me, I just looked for repeated charges that cost around 40$ and came up with "Special Bundle 7" or something. Because I DO want the items, I requested a refund only for the overcharges; so for a set of 9 charges for one bundle/purchase (yeah, I was charged NINE TIMES, that's 320USD more than I meant to pay!!!!!!!!), request a refund for 8. If you request full refunds, I think you lose whatever items (maybe you just want your money back, in which case that's the option for you!).

    I would make sure to explain what went wrong in the description box, Apple/Google/etc app stores should be informed of how poor King's service is right now.

  • abunaiYo
    abunaiYo Posts: 106 Level 2

    If you don't get help/replies (support's reply system is broken, lots of customer replies are not getting through for more than a week at least, and no one has fixed this yet -- they just barely noticed today even though I've been trying to flag this through tickets since Monday), see the other skins, I have explained a couple ways to get around support's broken system.

  • Crushh
    Crushh Posts: 9 Level 2
    edited April 2021

    I eventually got a message that they could help me get my skin. They asked for a screenshot from the payment. After i send them all the information I never heard anything from them anymore

  • abunaiYo
    abunaiYo Posts: 106 Level 2

    Their system isn't working. They're not receiving replies and still haven't flagged the issue with anyone even though I've been telling them since Monday (last monday! Almost a full week now) that they aren't receiving my replies and asking over and over again for me to keep sending stuff they're not getting is not a problem I can fix...

  • abunaiYo
    abunaiYo Posts: 106 Level 2

    If I were you I would make another ticket (in game) and let them know you have replied and have not heard back, they probably think you haven't replied and if it goes long enough they'll say "since we havent heard from you we're guessing you're all set :) we're closing the ticket!" even if they still have 320$ of your money for zero items. I filed a ticket Friday night (3/26) got a reply asking for screen shots on 3/27, I replied immediately. Got another saying they cant help me if I don't reply on 3/28 or 3/29 I think? So I sent again. Then Monday I got the "since you're not replying we're closing" message.

    I checked my sent mail and I DID reply to every single email and I double checked for any 'email not sent' problems or notifications, no problems. It's THEIR system, something isn't working, but they keep operating like there's nothing wrong, informing no one, and clearly no one even looks at the forums. God awful customer service. Other players have offered more helpful support.

  • W35Gamer
    W35Gamer Posts: 1,377 Level 5

    Hey there!

    So right now the in-game support is very overloaded with these issues, and since it's weekend now they usually don't work on weekends so you might need to open another ticket if they close this one.

  • AussieRunner20
    AussieRunner20 Posts: 0 Newbie

    Hey fellow Crash on the Run players. As many here I love crash and decided to support the company and buy there $22.99 retro coco special deal #4. Now I was charged for the skin and I have not received it. This is fine usually you contact support and they'll hook you up with evidence and everything. Now support isn't getting back in contact with me and at this point blatantly ignoring me and other fellow people here who have the same problem. So I thought posting here would bring some attention. I am currently a 4th year law student here in australia and luckily our country has something could the "Australian consumer law" meaning if you purchase and don't receive your purchase and you have tried contacting without an answer you have a right to enact your Australian consumer law which will make the Australian government go after what you have purchased with either a refund or getting your goods. All this can be found on the Australian anti consumer site aka accc

    Now I love crash, I love these developers for making such a fun and time wasting game but I don't love being ripped off. I am hoping for an answer and to either get my refund or I get my goods. I hope

  • westy17
    westy17 Posts: 43 Level 2

    They aren’t ignoring people they’re having problems receiving replies at the moment, and probably overwhelmed with issues and emails so don’t worry! I read in another thread that sometimes purchased skins reappear on your account if you save your progress then log out, delete the app, re-install it and when it starts up you pause the game and log back into your account and that should make the item appear 🙂

    give it a try I hope it works!

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 306 Level 2
    Answer ✓

    If you miss your purchase, we will help you around that! 🌟

    @AussieRunner20 @westy17 - If you purchased an item in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run but haven't received it, our Player Support team will be happy to help. Simply Contact the Support to drop us an email and tell us more about what happened!

    **However if the team doesn't contact you and the ticket has been closed, it might be they are not see your problem, make sure to do another ticket for them so they will sent you a direct message to help you around that... Don't forget to mention your Player ID**

    Please make sure that you have a copy of the purchase receipt ready as we may need you to send that to us. Here are some resources to help you find your receipt:

    Where can I find my receipt on iOS?

    Here’s a guide from Apple that walks you through how to see your purchase history. You have a few options available to you – when you email us, please make sure to include a screenshot of your receipt.

    Where can I find my receipt on Android?

    Here’s a guide from Google that walks you through how to find your Google Store Charges and Receipts. When you email us, please make sure that the order reference code is visible in the screenshot. It looks like this: 'GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345’.

    Hope that helps, happy running!

    See you in Wumpa Island... 💗💓

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