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You did not receive your purchase? (Skin or other items)



  • abunaiYo
    abunaiYo Posts: 106 Level 2

    I'm on the phone with Apple now because my request was denied, and I'm getting help with disputing the decision, and while I will have to wait 48 hours again, their support was night and day from the non-help you get here. It's almost like good, polite response to customers concerns will get you somewhere, even if mistakes were made, while inattention and non-response just makes people feel disregarded and disrespected...who would have thought.

  • abunaiYo
    abunaiYo Posts: 106 Level 2

    But DEFINITELY go to your app store and request refunds, and personally I would rate the app in store honestly so other people know about issues instead of getting robbed like us, and if you use iOS, and you've also been affected, you can report King adn this app to Apple at apple dot com forward slash feedback. I'm doing that myself now. No one else should be robbed of so much money with zero help, this is not acceptable,

  • Sanka_
    Sanka_ Posts: 1 Newbie


    I just had the exact same problem. I sent a message to support. Do I have to do anything more?

  • abunaiYo
    abunaiYo Posts: 106 Level 2

    Don’t hold your breath, but also be persistent. Tons of people haven’t been getting help, so don’t be surprised if they blow you off. If they reply asking for screenshots, your email might not go through so I would create another ticket in-game and mention there that you replied with screenshots. You might get the runaround forever, I sure did, I was overcharged 320$ for a purchase I thought wasn’t going through when the app was glitching and I still don’t have my money back or any help from support.

  • JarChuz
    JarChuz Posts: 0 Newbie
    Hello, I recently made a 
    purchase, in the CRASH ON THE RUN
     video game, for the retro 
    coconut SKIN, however the reward
     was not made. E made the 
    payment for it. And the money 
    was collected. Pesé help me, 
    My ID in the game is 12447394846

  • eskarina
    eskarina Posts: 40 Level 2

    I would go through their support on the website since they aren’t receiving replies through email currently.

    Just go to the bottom of the page and click ‘contact us’ and go through their chat system. You’ll talk to someone directly in about twenty minutes and you can attach your receipt and everything.

    Though don’t be surprised if they can’t help, ultimately. They couldn’t restore my purchase for me but at least it’s faster than emails.

  • abunaiYo
    abunaiYo Posts: 106 Level 2

    Why can’t they restore purchases? That doesn’t make any sense, did they give you an explanation?

  • abunaiYo
    abunaiYo Posts: 106 Level 2

    Also THANK YOU!’ For that link!! I didn’t realize that could work for this game, no one at support mentioned any other options than in-game (useless because no one reads/pays attention) or email (equally useless because you can’t actually reply)

  • eskarina
    eskarina Posts: 40 Level 2

    The person didn’t know why. They just said they’re going to forward it to their “investigations team” and I’ll get an email whenever they hear back from them. I will likely just get a refund from Apple as this isn’t really worth the headache.

  • GetHanked
    GetHanked Posts: 948 Level 5

    I am advising people to get a refund from apple store or google play whatever device you’re on, trying to get hold of king is a nightmare they’re ignoring peoples requests and not responding to emails. This is happening to hundreds of people and they haven’t even issued a statement on this very serious subject and are continuing taking peoples money while knowing full well what is going on.

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