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No PostGame after 140 gems? No problem! (Info and Laps to do for each level in game)

NewRorron11NewRorron11 Posts: 43 Level 2

After defeating Frosty Uka-Uka and getting the 140 gems I was left with nothing else to do, so I dedicated myself to collect all the possible ingredients in each of the levels, it took me a couple of hours... but I got it! but I did it!

Turtle Woods: The first level of all, as well as being the only one in which each output has at least one box of ingredients. I had to enter the level 6 times plus do a couple of laps on each route, so I estimate a total of about 9 laps

Alpha Parts: 21

Beta Parts: 30

Glow Bark: 60

Nitrus Fungus: 30

Recommended Skin: Ika-Ika Crash

Lost City: This level does not present much difficulty, giving 3 laps to get all the "Beta Part" and another 3 laps to get all the "Chill Berry" for a total of 6 laps to get everything. From this level on, all levels can be done in a single run, Turtle Woods being the only exception.

Beta Part: 37

Chill Berry: 26

Shell Shard: 25

Recommended Skin: Retro Space Crash

Temple Ruins: Like the previous level, this one did not present much difficulty, being two laps per route. That is to say: 2 laps for the "Alpha & Beta Parts" route, 2 laps for the "Nitrus Fungus" route and 2 laps for the "Pop Blossom" route for a total of 6 laps.

Alpha Part: 18

Beta Part: 37

Nitrus Fungus: 45

Pop Blossom: 28

Recommended Skin: Kupuna-wa Coco

Dino Might!: A quite difficult level to get absolutely everything, because it is 3 laps on the "Pop Blossom" route (although I think someone could do it better in 2, but I'm not sure), 3 laps on the "Alpha Parts" route and 2 laps on the route of the by that time in history, the new material "Magma Chunk" giving a total of 8 laps.

Alpha Part: 23

Flame Orb: 32

Magma Chunk: 17

Pop Blossom: 42

Recommended Skin: Retro Coco

Sewer or Later: The level that opens the second island is currently a fairly simple level... along the route of the Wiggle Weed, a route that will take 3 laps. However, the difficulty is in the Alpha Part route, since it would normally take 4 laps, however, this level is currently bugged on some not so powerful devices in which some boxes on this site do not load at all. To fix it, you must die having first collected the checkpoint that is right in the middle of the Alpha Part Route (the one before the routes are divided into right: exit & left): Alpha Parts), having done that, boxes will appear on both the route above and below, so you must die twice because if you keep running the boxes will disappear again.

In text is somewhat complicated to understand, but doing it is better understood (Thanks @Pauolo for the info) hopefully the bug will be fixed in the future.

In total there are about 7 laps.

Alpha Part: 40

Chill Berry: 39

Wiggle Weed: 40

Recommended Skin: Retro Space Coco

The Lab: This level is quite tedious, because on the one hand, in the part of the Flame Orbs and Chill Berry you must do 6 laps to get absolutely everything, while on the other route of Beta Parts & Red Eyes you must do about 4 laps (3 in the most optimal case) thus giving the level that so far takes more time with a total of 10 laps. Also, be careful with the electrocutters that become invisible, with time you learn them but you always have to be cautious. Hopefully this will also be fixed in the future.

Beta Part: 25

Chill Berry: 54

Flame Orb: 49

Red Eyes: 22

Recommended Skin: Robot Coco

Snow Go: The third level of the second island offers the first experience with the Delta Parts, as well as the items needed to create the Frosty Bazookas. On the Beta & Delta Parts side we will do about 3 laps, although this level is a bit boomed so be sure to do your first lap on the surface and the next two in the heights/depths. On the other hand, the new ingredients part takes between 3 & 4 laps depending on your skills as a player, giving a maximum total of 7 laps to get everything in this level. 

Beta Part: 31

Brain Freeze: 20

Delta Part: 16

Shell Shard: 37

Snow Cabbage: 34

Recommended Skin: Nitro Coco

Bear It: For this level there are many more routes, besides, some boxes are constantly freezing, so if you get out of the level nothing happens because it is the most advisable. In the first division between routes, for the Brain Freeze route we must go with a Golden Aku Aku to reach a certain box that is above in a fall of two snowballs, while for the part of the Delta Part we will make two laps. In the second division, we will go from 2 to 3 laps (depending on the player's skills) on the Brain Freeze route, while on the other route we will go 2 laps again. It is a rather confusing level to memorize, but I would say that in order to get everything there are a total of 5 or 6 laps.

Brain Freeze: 30

Delta Part: 25

Magma Chunk: 26

Stinky Shroom: 8

Recommended Skin: Blue Hyena Crash

The Great Gate: My personal favorite level is actually a bit difficult at the beginning, but after you know the tricks it becomes easier. The ingredients route is about 3 turns while the Delta Part route is only 2 turns, however, if you do the ingredients route first the other route will be bugged with its traps, while if you do the Delta Part route first one to two boxes will disappear from the other route, so if you leave the level to complete it there is no problem. In total there are about 5 laps

Delta Part: 37

Glowmato: 20

Stinky Shroom: 19

Delta Part: 13

Recommended Skin: Berserker Coco

Road to Ruin: Interestingly, the last level is the easiest on the list. In this level there are two laps per route, nothing more and nothing less. In total there are about 4 laps

Atom Stone: 17

Glowmato: 30

Stinky Shroom: 19

Delta Part: 13

Recommended Skin: Tennis Crash

If in the future new levels appear, maps are updated (removing bugs or adding new elements) or new skins are added for each level I will update this post, either editing it or writing a new one. Thanks for reading and I hope you find it useful!


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