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I have a dream (COTR community Team)



  • GetHankedGetHanked Posts: 948 Level 5

    Congratulations on our first victory ✌️

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • MaCoPiMaCoPi Posts: 409 Level 3

    Great job everybody, onto the next one!

    PS: That Tiny face on the Crash skin, AWESOME!

  • GetHankedGetHanked Posts: 948 Level 5

    Weekly Team Update!

    Hello as we have entered season 3 and our 2nd season as a team together after a successful first season, scoring over a million in trophies, so congratulations on that achievement. Some players have left and we have welcomed some new community members in and they’re doing great!

    We are currently in a battle with second place team T.N.T dragons and in front by a very slim advantage. And need all members to come together and try our best to be on top by the end of the season: also we came across our fellow community team COTR community 2 and they’re doing an amazing job, currently in 4th place! Congrats guys keep up the good work!

    Leaderboard Position week 1

    Individual Team Positions:





    Top 3 Spots

    1. @Joey_YouTube King
    2. @GetHanked Earl
    3. @sans90 Duke

    I know it says I’m top but that’s because I done a couple of survival runs this morning and Joey had the lead by 100 points! So he is our king of the week! Congratulations buddy! We made 100,000 each in one week what a crazy 😜 achievement!

    congrats to sans90 for 3rd place! And is our team Duke for the week, amazing effort! Done the Bandicoot pass in a week! Crazy 😜

    30th place and gets the duck 🦆 is Peel

    I would like to ask everyone to make an effort and be active members: at least do 3 free survival runs a day, even if you get 100-200 trophies this helps the team out massively, I do have people who are community members wanting a space on the team so if you’re inactive for long periods could you message me or let us know in chat. At the moment there’s members with 400-1000 trophies over seven days and we’ve had mission computer and battles. And I’ve seen no trophies added in over 3 days. @hanautaBOB can we make a tagging list for all active members. Thank you 😊

    Keep up the amazing job Bandicoots: Go team!

  • Emi_lijaEmi_lija Posts: 61 Level 3

    Hi! I'm so happy i'm a part of this awesome team. 😁 Anyway, these are my trophies so far. I'm sad i had to leave 15k in my old team but anyway i'm glad i could join and will just have to work harder 😅

  • GetHankedGetHanked Posts: 948 Level 5

    @Emi_lija You’ve done an amazing job since you arrived, and we are glad to have you apart of our team! Thanks for all the hard work and effort 😎

  • DimenzioDimenzio Posts: 608 Crash On the Run Moderator

    You guys are doing great. Keep it up and first place will be yours 😄

  • sans90sans90 Posts: 31 Level 2

    It's actually Duchess Sans90 😁

    Pretty sure my standing will be taken over soon, but I made my goal of making the running at least once!

    It's so nice to see everyone working together!!

  • Reilayne92Reilayne92 Posts: 547 Level 3

    Whoa, against T.N.T Dragons eh? That's gonna get hell of competition if you ask me😅, best of wishes and luck hardcore players!💪💪💪

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 670 Level 3

    It's not enough to wish us "hardcore players" luck.

    Their Top Players are no match against our Aces Joey and Hank, but they got overall pretty good scores.

    Their weakest member has 5000 Trophies, so you can imagine how fast that stacks up with everyone else having more...

    Meanwhile, our last players are around 1000k... So, yeah, our Community Team needs to make an effort as a TEAM or else we will not be able to beat them.

    Also, obviously, losing tickets by not paying attention and getting a Crash like me here is pretty bad... :(

    I really wish they had already fixed this annoying bug... Hopefully with the next update.

  • MaCoPiMaCoPi Posts: 409 Level 3

    The fact that we are coupled with one of only a few teams we know have scored more than us last season is mind blowing.

    @hanautaBOB I really hope they fix this bug as well, but I wouldn't hold my breathe.

    If you look at the Collection Run Ingredient Contest discussion, you will see a lot of screenshots where the 'you can now make' feature is wrong or just simply missing. If such a simple feature as that one doesn't even work correctly, can we really even hope that they are capable of fixing game breaking bugs like the game breaking survival run freeze/crash issue? That's not even taking account that they might not even want to fix this issue.

  • MiamiCrash3MiamiCrash3 Posts: 181 Level 3

    I was told the first team needs more help. I will join if you need me to help out.

  • GetHankedGetHanked Posts: 948 Level 5

    Yes we do need some help @MiamiCrash3 we are currently 9k behind first place and I have 4 inactive players at the moment 😎🏆 thank you 🙏 for your kindness and coming together what a great community we have ❤️

  • MiamiCrash3MiamiCrash3 Posts: 181 Level 3

    No problem, just let me know when I should switch. I haven't played any of the gangs yet today so I will get trophies right away if I join.

  • GetHankedGetHanked Posts: 948 Level 5

    I have opened up a spot now! Just search

    COTR Community and you should be able to find us 😎🙏

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