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I have a dream (COTR community Team)



  • Adrenaline
    Adrenaline Posts: 338 Level 3
    edited October 2022

    Thanks @DanielProGamer and @Roan27 for your dedication and time to post your thoughts in this community thread. As you both mentioned, the game is "dead". No new content, no events, no news, and most of all, players of both sides are now in chaos. Such big words the game developers said before when they said they would dedicate themselves into making this game a great and successful one, when they can't even handle such a community of a different game franchise. All the fans of Crash Bandicoot are probably enraged enough to make a mess in the game and in the forums. They even created king accounts, spent both their time and money for this game, but all just went to dust...

    As you know as well, I'm also a fan of Crash Bandicoot franchise, (mostly Coco) and came to this community just to dedicate myself on a growing online community of the game I like, sharing thoughts, suggestions, experiences, and having fun with everyone. But, everything went down when the game started to become silent on announcing, updating, and interacting with the community. I also did try to believe that the game will still have new features and content, just that the developers are silent because it may be something big, but, my expectations and hopes where all destroyed when after a long time of waiting, the updates just plain old ruined the entire, if not the whole game and community itself. I lost friends, lost a comrade, and most of all I lost my own trust in the whole developers of this entire game... I spent a lot of time, money, and effort in trying to help making this game fun for myself, and my teammates, but the game didn't even helped me to achieve this. I really hurts to see another online game to become like this... as this is not the first time I have experienced a game and community to die and stopped updating, the feeling is heart breaking...

    For this matter, even if my comment is a bit offensive, I'll say it:


    This is my freedom of expression, whether this puts me to trouble or not, I want to express my feelings to clarify my utmost disappointment.

    It's been a long journey, I already un-installed the game for a long while now, and left with to much disappointment it triggers my depression... I've been silent for a long time since then, and now I'm here to declare my final announcement to this thread, to Me, GetHanked, And Joey_Youtube, the Team leaders and admins of my team

    This is @Adrenaline, of the COTR Community Team, Signing Out!

    I'll still be reading the updates on this thread, but expect no more responses since I won't be logged in anymore. In the worst case, I may delete my own King accounts, in the game and the community, depending on what the future leads to. Goodbye.

  • Reilayne92
    Reilayne92 Posts: 548 Level 3

    I just watch for a long time, you'll see the corruption, but I'm pretty sure reality are worth to see..But you've been one of honest players out there..

  • Roan27
    Roan27 Posts: 514 Level 4

    Watching this game going downhill due to those reasons is painful but this is the reality

  • MiamiCrash3
    MiamiCrash3 Posts: 197 Level 3

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do appreciate your honesty on this issue. It has been great though being your teammate and part of the COTR team.

  • Roan27
    Roan27 Posts: 514 Level 4

    1 month and a half left before 2022 ends... I lost hope for the game to comeback unless it did a miracle that has a teeny tiny slim chance or returning but I won't expect it too high due to the chaos happening in the playerbase.

  • DanielProGamer
    DanielProGamer Posts: 1,440 Level 4

    yes that yes both me and you @Roan27 we like the game healthy clean and fair but unfortunately currently in the game it is going through a critical situation I hope that miracle of update this year if not it would already be a fact my total retirement from the game I even wanted to leave before I already had a plan but there are players who still don't want me to leave the game that's why I have continued but If the game continues like this, the game is not the same as it was more than 1 year ago where the monthly tournaments were there if it encouraged one to play a lot in the game, please king release an update Before the end of the year we can't take it any longer and if @Adrenaline, how did you mention it, this game needs to improve, thank you all for reading my comment ;)

  • hanautaBOB
    hanautaBOB Posts: 694 Level 3

    I was thinking of getting my King Accounts terminated as well.

    I am not interested in King as a whole and not only have most updates for Crash on the Run brought either new bugs or just anti consumer changes, we were told stuff was coming that never got added.

    Their reaction to players that kept asking for what they were told will be "coming soon"?

    Absolute SILENCE.

    I mean, we still got messages telling us the Devs working on the Game, but... I feel like the UI changes, Uncapped Silo and infinite CRs were the last things to happen to CotR that kinda mattered and one wasa downgrade most people loathed, another came way too late to be beneficial to most players and I for one found the change from the Handcrafted Collection Runs to endless runs way too similar to the already existing and bug ridden Survival Runs to be the absolute worst send off.

    It's just sad this got mismanaged so horribly.

    So yeah, apparently a 3D Action game was too much to handle for King, so instead of pushing through and fixing it they just abandoned it completely.

    The lesson I learned from this is no more King Games. Thisbwas their one shot to show they don't jjst care aboutvthe money but also allow for a game to thrive, but turned a promising game into an masterclass of what not to do.

    There are some Mobile Games that might be worth checking out, but if you take a look at the different games Pages, King seems to willingly screw over players and avoid doing anything as much as possible. It wasn't just a fluke with CotR, that's just how they roll.

    And since they are like that, they can roll without me.

    I am just sad that there seem to be a lot of genuinely nice people apparently wearing rose tinted glasses jumping in to the defend a company whose heads would rather trample on the hands of people trying not to fall to their certain demise than using the least amount of effort to pull them up and save them.

    I was blinded by my love for Crash and the passionate statements of the Devs, as well as having Community Mods that seemed to care for the well being of players.

    But all that means nothing if the top guys just care about money and make everything worse for a quick buck rather than investing in a good game for long lasting loyalty.

  • Roan27
    Roan27 Posts: 514 Level 4

    Oh well, with Crash on the Run removed from King's website... The fans and the playerbase are starting to suspect that something's is going on within behind the scenes... Some will say it will end, some say it will be sold to another company, others say it can be something else. The events were really interesting and it's more chaotic than ever before in the history of COTR.

    I wonder how the events will happen after the shocking moment of the history in Crash OTR?

  • DanielProGamer
    DanielProGamer Posts: 1,440 Level 4
    edited November 2022

    I hope they will release new content soon but it is currently difficult I hope they do not close the servers it would have an impact on the game I am already in my last days on my COTR journey I had fun Despite the fact that the game is inactive soon I will give my official withdrawal. We will see in a few days if there is any news about the game or it will simply end as you mentioned @Roan27 I don't know what fate the game has but i hope it's for the better and not for the worse

  • DanielProGamer
    DanielProGamer Posts: 1,440 Level 4

    Very difficult to continue in the game if there is no update greetings to all

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