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Beginners Guide COTR (For new players)

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Welcome New players! To Crash on the run community, I will be your AKU AKU mask and guide you through your first steps!

In this guide, I will be giving you all the new players who have come to the forum and want to know a bit more of the functions and how to get started in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run, explanations on how the systems work, and what you will need to know to go further in your quest, If you’re a newbie, and want to get started then this forum post is definitely for you.

Crash & Coco’s Base

Your base and where you will fight against all the evil henchmen in Crash On The Run, where Crash and Coco spend most of their time, chilling out relaxing, sipping some fruit bombs on the beach. That is, when they’re not out running and collecting materials to fight against all the evil in the multiverse!

Your beach base has it all, Everything you might need for all your top secret missions. In order to unlock all the funky features, you collect Power Gems by defeating bosses from the story mission board.The more you run and collect materials and make weapons, the more things will become available to you. There is lots more to come that are unavailable at launch, and more will become available in future updates.

Okay now you’re at your base you’re probably thinking what to do now! Well let’s check out.

Collection Runs

making items in the Nitro Labs requires ingredients, and you’re probably thinking how do I gather these ingredients to make weapons, well I shall tell you- they can be found through collection runs. This game mode is an endless running mode the level goes on until you decide to leave, once you have collected all the materials and items you need to make weapons or upgrade your lab or silo. These stages are ongoing, the materials you gather from them are not. There is a timer on materials in collection runs to refill, so you’ll need to wait until running again if you need to get specific materials. As you continue on your Journey collecting Power Gems, more islands will become available for collection runs. I recommend doing these collection runs as often as you can to keep your silo stocked. It’s the best way to make sure you have ingredients to produce weapons necessary for beating story mode.


The silo is where you store all your ingredients and parts to upgrade labs and the silo itself, so you can store even more tasty ingredients in hmm yummy! Here in my picture you can see all types of ingredients, and eggs, we will get more into that in a bit. I would recommend upgrading your silo so you can store maximum of materials. There is a cap and you’ll reach a certain point where you will need to unlock new islands to upgrade silo.

Chicken Coops

from your collection runs certain ingredients you feed to your pet chickens and they produce different kinds of eggs for you for certain strong weapons, chill berry you will need to collect first to produce snowy eggs, later on you will upgrade your coops and produce different kinds of eggs.


You have 4 labs to unlock the first one is the nitro lab where you’ll be making nitro serum your first weapon you’ll be crafting, which you’ll need to gather glow bark from Wumpa island 🏝Every weapon the lab creates requires materials and takes an allotted amount of time to produce. Your lab first start with one slot, then you upgrade them with materials and spending your sweet purple crystals. the further you progress and upgrade your lab the more weapons will be available to you, and the more islands you unlock and progress through story more labs you’ll unlock currently there are 4 labs to unlock.

Mission Computer

Located in the middle of your base, the Mission Computer is where you’ll access playable levels in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run. And where your journey begins on defeating all the evil in the multiverse. whenever you want to progress and unlock more islands in the game, this is how you do it, every time you defeat a boss he or she gives you a Power Gem, which allows you to unlock more islands. To access these levels, you’ll have to collect certain materials, which are Serums, Bombs, and Bazookas. These weapons are how you defeat the bosses at the end of every level. And speaking of defeating bosses, one mechanic in the story levels that you should have knowledge of is the final quick time event at the end of the level. Whenever you’re about to finish a stage by throwing your explosive weapons at the end henchmen or boss you’ll get to do a quick time event, where you press a button at a specific time when the indicator is lined 🆙 at the center. The closer you get to the middle, the more trophies you’re rewarded which will be important for obtaining those awesome prizes from Bandicoot and being number one team in the leaderboards.

Tiki Head

The tiki head is the islands protector, you can give him offerings in return he will reward you with great treasure in the terms of trophies, when you do collection runs/story missions or challenges you gain steps, and then you can give them to tiki if you collect 20,000 steps he gives you 200 trophies! And you can also offer him Wumpa fruit which you can collect while you’re doing lots of activities. Be generous and Tiki will protect you, but if you abuse him you will feel is wrath! Be warned: 👹


Here we have challenges which you unlock by collecting power gems 💎 these are located on each of the islands, there are 3 different types of challenges Gem run, Challenge run, Time Trial once you complete gem run you can complete it once again for 2 purple crystals, challenge run where you can earn extra resources for making weapons, and lastly we have time trial where you have to beat the level within a time to earn a relic you can earn a silver, gold or platinum relic for completing these. Gem run and challenge run resets every 24 hours.

Aku Aku’s Quests

Aku Aku’s Quests, pop up daily on the lefthand side of your screen. This daily mission is made up of three criteria’s which you have to complete, once completed, give you plenty of amazing resources. 5 purple crystals and 25 trophies, you can use your purple crystals to upgrade your base or save up for a new skin. Trophies go towards your personal contribution and goes toward the overall score on the leaderboard which brings us to...

Teams & Leaderboard

once you progress through the tutorial and reach a certain level you will be prompted to join a team, you can either join a random team or why not look for one ➡️ here ⬅️ on the forum you’ll find awesome friendly players to team up and collect trophies with, which goes towards your total score the further up you finish on the leaderboard the more prizes you will gain. Top ten earn materials, crystals and a free skin. Number one place earns you two skins and even more crystals and materials! 🤩 also trophies count towards....

Bandicoot Pass

Get your paws on the Bandicoot Pass and you’ll get access to more rewards, exclusive skins! and season challenges. there is a free version and a premium version which you purchase, If you purchase the Bandicoot Pass, you won't receive all its contents right away! You’ll unlock rewards by earning Trophies. The Bandicoot Pass offers higher-value rewards at a price, and you'll get access to the rewards from both the Bandicoot Pass and the Free Pass. When you earn enough trophies, you can claim your next rewards from the Bandicoot Pass overview screen. There is 30 levels in the pass 60 prizes in total!

hopefully this covers everything you need to get started in Crash On The Run, if you need any tips or advice you’ll find some useful information ➡️ here⬅️ Or you can message me directly for guidance or advice!

Happy Running New Players!



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