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Turtle Woods back with Death Leaves

AdrenalineAdrenaline Posts: 329 Level 3

So Turtle Woods is back on track. However, I've reported this way before the season starts, and yet it's still not fixed yet...

Death Tree Leaves with a Peekaboo of hidden obstacles. If your lucky enough you'll just pass through, but mostly there no going forward if a wall stops you.



  • KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3

    Sadly, before they remove it and give it back i never had this issue. Now all another thing.

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  • SmileyGuy²SmileyGuy² Posts: 153 Level 3

    I know right it is highly annoying, they should get this fixed soon because I'm losing over 50PCs (Power Crystals) to these 'TREE LEAVES OF DEATH' :)

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 649 Level 3

    Got another issue in Turtle Woods Survival Run...

    Sometimes the Rock Wheels will kill you by letting you drop through the Stones that are directly behind them.

    I usually jump to avoid those Stones to be safe, but that time the Bot in Front of me got rid of the Stones, I jumped in the New Gap and was to slow to jump out Again.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    All these trees makes me want a lumberjack skin, time to sharpen the axe 🪓🌴

  • MuchoMucho Posts: 365 Level 3

    Came here to report exactly those two death traps. Trees hiding obstacles, and fallig through stone wheel floor.

    We started to call them Deat run, instead of Survival run.

  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5

    Hello there! @Adrenaline

    This is already a known issue and the team is aware of it! I believe this is mostly going to be patched out in the next one or two updates along with other issues like game crashing at 400 trophies and other similar issues.

  • Reilayne92Reilayne92 Posts: 547 Level 3

    @hanautaBOB if I remember correctly those stone floors from Rock wheel actually replace the TNT crates before this. When I just step past through it just suddenly exploded and the new hole gap appeared, even though there is no TNT crates on the floor

  • DimenzioDimenzio Posts: 597 Crash On the Run Moderator

    I hope they'll fix this bug with the next update, or at least disable the map until they fix it. Not being able to see the path in such a fast-paced game mode like survival runs is just straight out unfair. Luckily, I've never died because of this yet 😅

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    @W35Gamer It’s great the team is aware of it now and is working on fixing those things, though i must say that it left me wondering why they would add it back into the game so soon if those major issues hasnt been fixed yet, at the very least they could have made some easy temporary solution to work around those issues to minimize the loss rather than just straight out punish players with broken gameplay.

    If you could forward this to the development team it’d be appreciated. I think they need to start being a bit more aware and take things into account as they create the content and their decisions on when they’re giving it to us and what state it’s in when they do. So we don’t get handed out content that is broken to the point where it’s better to just not do it, and if it happens then be quick to make temporary solutions to reduce the loss. Also things like programming errors like we’ve got twice now with the aku quest not corresponding to what content we have available yet, all those kind of things. And to keep in mind that quality cant be rushed, that is when they’re more likely to make mistakes.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 649 Level 3
    edited May 14

    @SneakyBunny because its still a lot better than Bear It ATM.

    The leaves and Branches don't have a Physical Hitbox that can damage you, they just block your Field of View and while it's annoying, you can with enough repetition memorize the Paths that get obscured by it and learn to "do them blind".

    In Bear it, there is a Rock formation that usually can be avoided by sliding under it, but once the Game Bugs it becomes unavoidable Death, because it will not have any free spot to dodge it.

    While you might say "Just don't go on the upper paths to avoid the Rock Formation, easy.", Bear it Sometimes randomly missing the Floor is something you can't learn to deal with... it's an unavoidable forced Failure which is way worse than a potential Failure you might be able to avoid if you get familiar enough with the obstacles.

    Of course there is also Dino Might, but that one has a Mushroom that will instead of Launching you Drop you through the Floor...

    It's so powerful it will even Trigger if one of the Bots step on it.

    Also, the obstacles are generally harder than in Turtle Woods or Bear It, so giving people an alternative to Dino Might is actually pretty good.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 649 Level 3

    Also, I hope the Devs also Remember that sometimes there are Mushrooms that Spawn without floor underneath them, there is the Tiniest Gap between the Floor and the Floating Mushroom, but it's enough to make the game Register it as "Pitfall Death".

    If you jump on them, it still works, but despite looking like walking into them SHOULD work it's Death.

    I know to avoid those to be perfectly safe, but it would be better to fix them as well.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    @hanautaBOB I do understand what you’re getting at, but i still don’t see it as a valid reason for replacing something broken with a different unit which is also broken. While it might be considered better/easier to run through from time to time, i wouldn’t exactly count this as a fix or workaround. It’s a poor attempt of a workaround then.

    By the way, it’s not just the trees that’s a problem, it crashes a lot too.

  • GrogyanGrogyan Posts: 95 Level 2

    I remember Turtle Woods having a lot less death foliage than this time around

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 649 Level 3

    @SneakyBunny But aren't Crashes a general Problem on all survival runs?

    I haven't met the issue so far, but I think it has something to do with getting too many Trophies in a Single Run (about 400 I think) which would be an issue for any map.

    As @Joey_YouTube can confirm, it is possible to get the Max amount of Trophies in Turtle Woods. He did it on 3 separate Runs. so it was definitely helpful to add that back.

    See, I'd like to have everything to be just working fine as much as anyone else, but the reality is, sometimes you have only bad options to pick from.

    Right now, the options would have been

    "Do Nothing" (keep Bear it dispite Disappearing floor and other Bugs)

    "Dino Might Only" (Just get rid of Bear it)

    "No survival Runs" (Pausing them completely)

    Or "Replace Bear it with Turtle Woods" (which they did).

    I think out of those options its still the best pick as an ASAP reaction so we can play on a less buggy map while they work on fixing them all.

    Doing nothing would have been the Worst, just limiting to Dino Might would have been bad for players that rather play on any other map and pausing survival Run would be a mess for players that despite the issues keep playing the mode a lot.

    There might even be folks that buy lots of extra tickets, so what would you tell them if you were going to pause Survival Runs?

    Again, It would be great to have everything work fine already, but fixing stuff takes time, so giving us Turtle Woods in the mean time was just a means of avoiding even more issues atm.

  • KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3
    edited May 15

    Personally i don't get why they removed turtle woods time ago.

    To me that map worked fine and well until they removed it and gave it back. Now trees block screen, rolling stone are bugged and come to me one above the other, or stacked all 3 togheter in one or two lanes, instead of three. On top of that the screen keep moving like the floor has something that is not working properly, the visual go up and down...up and down...up and down.

    Right move? For sure it is. Bear it was broken and i keep falling down the floor in dino might. At least this has some issue with the screen and how obstacles works, still playable anyway. I just stopped to jump on mushroom and that's all.

    But why they removed it time ago? I never had issue with it...and now i have. Really a strange thing.

    Whatever, i know is an hard work and they need time. Just hope they will fix everything in a short time like they did with some issues found at the start of second season.

    Ps: What i really cannot understand is why they did that you lose half your collection when you die and don't watch ads when many are experiencing ads bug. I mean, i can avoid the bugs converting steps ever, and so losing a ridicolous amount if needed...but waste half a run as may be road to ruin and wait its cd. Come on!

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