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(ENDED) 🥬 Collection Run Ingredient Contest 🍅

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👋 Hello again Bandicoots!!

🫑 It's about time for a very different type of contest that you guys will probably enjoy it! We all play collection runs to grind the ingredients to make weapons, right? But how efficient you're in collection runs - would you like to try collect every single resource from one level in a single run while having chances to earn Purple Crystals? This is why I'm bringing this brand new type of contest for you, Bandicoots!!

⚙ How it will work?

🛠 It's very simple! All you have to do is to ace 1 of the collection run levels, which means collect all resources avaliable in that level in a single run and submit your screenshot here!

📷 Example:

📝 Rules:

📱The level to be aced is completely your choice! Make sure to choose only one of the levels avaliable on the list above.

(My recommendation -> Lost City)

Quick reminder - Prizes will be given randomly, choosing a harder level or collecting more wumpas/steps will not affect your final result (to avoid players pushing too far and ending up soft-banned) 🎲

🍒 You must collect all ingredients in one run. Only the screenshot like the example above will be accepted.

⚠️ Skins that gives ingredient advantages in the level you're trying to ace are going to invalidate your run.

🚫 Any photoshopped or stolen image, or run that were assisted by hacks/exploits are forbidden in this contest. Make sure to put some watermark in your submission to avoid people stealing your screenshot.

🏁 Prizes:

🎁 Prizes are going to be rewarded for 6 random submissions - the lucky players choosen will receive 50 Purple Crystals as reward!

🗓 Deadline: June, 21st.

(You have until June 20, 23:59 [GMT+1] to submit)

- Terms and Conditions here.

Good luck Bandicoots and have fun!!



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