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Have We Abandoned? They don't listen to the community!?

El_Mercader_XEl_Mercader_X Posts: 27 Level 2

So it seems to be, the speed has not been normalized, it is more today I realize that the speed has increased more! this is ridiculous already! there was a vote in favor of a speed selector a few weeks ago! and the developers did not abide by that option! the screens are even more broken than on launch day, now you fall or get stuck for anything! not to mention Survival Races! they are still broken !, I have noticed that the step meter is broken! It does not mark the corresponding steps, and it shows that the acceleration does not contribute to a better collection of steps in the end!, And finally, There are Many Cheat Profiles Worldwide! with huge amounts of trophies for someone level 20 or 30 in the hands of a week! We Need Action, Answers and Fixes Now! Or it will be known as the worst Season of the Game!


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    I wouldnt use the word abandoned since they’ve never really communicated or listened to us in the first place. They just continue to do their own thing and is not really interested in what people have to say about the game. Clearly to them profit outweighs quality, so many of the changes they make does not benefit the players but instead preys on those who are likely to funnel more money into their pockets. This whole community page ain’t really that helpful either as you can see many players with issues that’s not getting solved, ideas not being considered and moderators not having the full knowledge/power to be of use to us, it’s more to give players a false sense of faith, but you can’t really rely on them.

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  • SenseiYasirSenseiYasir Posts: 35 Level 2

    sigh another half baked game that will die inevitably

  • privacyimportantprivacyimportant Posts: 31 Level 2

    Perhaps to be heard, one must not click on ads, or purchase items, or give a one star rating, or delete the game, maybe all of the above....hit them in their profit grabbing pockets; no players no profits and a lesson in listening/communication 🙂

  • Denyae0203Denyae0203 Posts: 365 Level 3

    Sadly.I never thought I would say this

    But, the game is downhill and fast

    Collection Runs you lose.90% of your items.if you.don't.pay.with crystals.

    Not.to.mention the speed, so slow, slower than I believe it was in the beginning

    So bummed.🥺

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