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Make Coco's season skins equal value to Crash's

ckret2 Posts: 13 Level 2

This is the first season I had a chance to win the top skins, and I noticed a big difference between how useful Coco's and Crash's top skins are:

Coco (free pass): Dark Spyro

  • no ingredient bonuses
  • 20% inferno battle bonus
  • no mask

Crash (Bandicoot pass): Spyro

  • 80% flame orb bonus
  • 80% inferno battle bonus
  • double mask

Coco (leaderboard reward): Sorceress

  • 20% brain freeze bonus
  • no battle bonus
  • no mask

Crash (leaderboard reward): Bentley

  • 40% snow cabbage bonus
  • 40% frosty battle bonus
  • no mask

That's a huge disparity! Both of Crash's skins have both an ingredient and a battle bonus, 40%-80%, while Coco's skins only have one bonus at only 20%. And it's wild that neither one of Coco's skins, top prizes for the season, has an Aku mask when even the default skin does. Meanwhile one of Crash's has a double mask. Coco's skins are borderline useless compared to Crash's.

Since both a Crash skin and a Coco skin is handed out to top teams now, there's no reason they can't have equal bonuses (or maybe opposite but complimentary bonuses, like giving one a 40% ingredient bonus and the other a 40% battle bonus). It's understandable that the top free pass skin would be weaker than the top bandicoot pass skin, since the game's goal is to sell more passes, but each season could switch between whether the top bandicoot skin is for Coco or Crash.

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  • WumpaThumpa
    WumpaThumpa Posts: 177 Level 3

    Voted ✅

    Although the top skin last season on the Bandicoot Pass was a Legendary Coco Skin (N.Tropy Coco). We did have Cyrus Coco this season as well in the Bandicoot Pass (paid pass).

    I'm not sure of the other Team rewards skins as I didn't unlock them all. I think this season was actually better than the last, as far as value, since last time there were no 40% bonus skins for either.

    But there's a good list of them and how to unlock them on Bandipedia if you'd like to research this more to see how balanced the rewarded skins of Crash/Coco are. https://crashbandicoot.fandom.com/wiki/Crash_Bandicoot:_On_the_Run!/Skins

    I know some players enjoy to use exclusively Crash or Coco, so the distribution of skins should be balanced to suit all players. I just use whichever has the highest bonus I need lol.

  • ckret2
    ckret2 Posts: 13 Level 2

    Good to know about last season! This is the first season I got the paid pass or maxed out my trophies; hopefully future seasons will alternate like that.

    I always use skins with the highest bonus I need... but whenever it doesn't make a difference, I prefer to use Coco.

  • HarmonyBunny00
    HarmonyBunny00 Posts: 39 Level 2

    I main both Crash and Coco seeing as they're my favorite characters and all, but I do agree that both should be on equal terms when it comes to legendary skins.

  • faisalkhan2
    faisalkhan2 Posts: 72 Level 3
    edited July 2021

    This Season Has Rumored to be Megumi Coco in Bandicoot pass which she Give 80% Shell Shard Bonus when it's come to Ingredients.

    But here was the Problem. If that skin wanna make it as the top bandicoot Reward. It make this Bandicoot pass worthless because we had Retro Space Crash in bandicoot pass season 1 where he also gave 80% Bonus to Shell Shard as well.

    Having both skins that give 80% Shell Shard Bonus and making them into Bandicoot pass makes it worthless. So I went in Discord and start giving Feedback about the skins.

    The only skins that fit in the Bandicoot pass was Evil Crash Because I Love him So Much!

    When devs looked at my Feedback. They took my feedback and added Evil Crash in the Bandicoot pass Because He fit Perfectly and give 80% Bonus to red eyes which I need it and Probably less Player Have 80% Bonus to red eyes.

    When it's come to skins if they're Mix you have to be grateful for what skins is coming to the game Because They added 4 Legendary skins. 2 of them for Crash and 2 of them were coco.

    We got Koala Kong Crash, Evil Crash, Pasadena O'possum Coco, and Megumi coco. I feel like the skins system is pretty balanced.

    I was going to vote but it changed my mind.

  • gabe_logan
    gabe_logan Posts: 181 Level 3

    yes, Coco empowerment!!!

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