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What do you think as a solution for these limited skin offers ?

Joey_YouTube Posts: 1,000 Level 3
edited July 2021 in Discussions

Hello great bandicoots 🤗

How's it going with everyone , hope you're having an amazing holidays 💝 .

Before I get into the main subject of this poll , I want to thank the moderators of COTR community for such an incredible efforts & help they are offering to us so Thank you @Dimenzio & @Peti321 ❤💐 .

So , we lately encountered this " skins related to country " issue where a player can't purchase a skin that is not among his country offers ( Like celebration offers ) .

For example a player from Jordan like me can't buy the USA Jersey crash skin unless VPN is used .

I made this poll so that developers see what is the best for all players from worldwide and how they purchase these kind of skin offers easily and without using a VPN to make purchases , because there are players like @Pauolo , @CrashBeyond and many others would love to collect all skins in an effecient way 👍🏻

Also there will be choices to choose what you think is better as a suggestion or even make a new one so feel free 🤗❤.

Hope everyone is doing great ❤

Regards from JOEY- ☄

What do you think as a solution for these limited skin offers ? 35 votes

Make these kind of offers as a " Bundle " that is available to purchase
22% 8 votes
Make this kind of skins available to all and purchasable in Vending Machine
71% 25 votes
Exclusive is exclusive , so if you missed them .. you missed them !
2% 1 vote
Other suggestion , please comment below .
2% 1 vote


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