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Post your reports about game crashes HERE!!

Dimenzio Posts: 618 Crash On the Run Moderator
edited January 2 in Support

Hello, dear bandicoots 👋

As many of you know the game currently has some issues which can lead to a game crash. Our devs are already working hard to fix this problem and we of course want to support our devs as much as possible, therefore we ask for your help 🙏

We're opening this megathread in which you can report any game crashes that have occurred to you.

📄 How to make a proper report:

First, you need to provide the following details:

  • Your Player ID
  • Your Game Version
  • The device you're using

Then you can report about your game crash and try to answer as many of the following questions as possible:

  • Was it a complete crash or did something freeze?
  • Were you able to shut down the app or was it unresponsive? Or did the game closed down itself?
  • What happened before it crashed/froze (was it instantly, was it frozen for a bit, did it lag before crashing/freezing)
  • Have you done something unusual when it happened? Are you able to reproduce it and/or describe it step by step?
  • Do you have any other details that you think could be useful?

All other posts about game crashes or similar will be closed and moved to this thread to prevent them from overfilling the forums!! 

I also want to mention that we're more than grateful for every single report you guys make. It helps a lot in improving the game and in making things easier for our devs 🤗



  • Joey_YouTube
    Joey_YouTube Posts: 1,000 Level 3

    That is N.Sane ! , Thanks @Dimenzio for making it easier to report these kind of issues .

    Have a great weekend 💝🤗

  • alezio
    alezio Posts: 421 Level 3

    Phone : Xiaomi Poco M3.

    Game freezes/crashes during survival runs. At the current version it crashes very quickly, like i can't even get 100 trophies.

    Also the game freezes during collection/battle runs. This started with the 1.60 version.

    Uninstalled-installed the game, cleared the cache, restarted my device and the problem still persists.

  • Thanks to the last update I can't play anymore it takes me out in the middle of the game or when I start I already tried to restart the cell phone, clearing the game cache and nothing works if someone has a good solution help me because I no longer know what to do

    ID: 12454791919

    VERSION: 1.70.60


  • Wumpa_Baker
    Wumpa_Baker Posts: 58 Level 2

    Player Id:12462411140

    Version 1.70.60

    Samsung Galaxy S8

    Android 9

    *sees request for information about crashes*

    *Stretches fingers*

    Welp let's do this

    So just had a crash. I was doing a survival run in Turtle Woods using Crash with the default skin. I wiped out. I had somewhere around 200-300 trophies I believe. I watched an ad. Was my third ad I think. When I hit the "X" the screen went black. I minimized the game then bought it back up. The screen had switched to my base. There was a pop up for a collection run results. I could not interact with it. It was the results from the collection run I had just ran prior to doing the survival run. I swiped close the app (no force quit) cleared my cache (about 74mb) then restarted the app. Went to see how many tickets I had, collected the two free ones and checked my total. My ticket from the previous run had been used ( I started with 10 then used one, game crashed -> restarted, then collected two for a total of 11). When the game crashes the ticket is always used but no trophies are collected.

    Previous crashes. I would be doing a survival run in Bear it. My character would suddenly guild off to one side then into the "great blue mist" then it would black screen. I would have to do a swipe close and reopen. In the previous version when this would happen there would be no black screen though and I would be offered a chance to watch an ad to continue. Not in this version. The error in the current version seems to occur around 200 or so trophies. This error has occurred many times in while in Bear it! that is why I was in Turtle Woods. I normally would be using Coco with various skins. It's like they would run straight then all of sudden go off to the side. A few times I was able steer them back on to the course but most times not.

    Non survival run crash. I believe it was the lab. I had collected most of the items in the level. The speed was really ramped up. Game froze then closed. I reopen the game and it displayed the start screen followed by the loading screen. I checked the lab and it displayed all items were available. As if my run had not happened. It has happened a couple of times. I try not to stay too long in collection runs because of this. It not level specific.

    In the previous version it would happen at around 300 trophies.

    The game may seem glitchy before an event sometimes but not always.

    The only other app I have open is my web browser.

    I had played through the Mr. Crumb boss and henchmen battles before my run in Turtle Woods. I wiped out a number of times in various battles. Would watch an ad and pick up where I left off. There were no game crashes during any of the battles.

    Hope this helps.

  • RescueMei
    RescueMei Posts: 1 Newbie

    Sony Xperia 5 II

    Android 11

    Coco clips through the ground or through turns during survival runs.

    Game used to freeze while running at around ~550 trophies for me.

    Current experience has game breaking clipping issues which make playing impossible.

    After clipping, sometimes it would resume back on the map after watching an ad, most of the time the game crashes entirely.

  • WumpaThumpa
    WumpaThumpa Posts: 177 Level 3

    • Most of the time Crash/Coco veers off the side of the track and falls into the sky, this can cause a few different things to happen -- it either lets me watch an ad to continue (pic 2) or the game closes itself/becomes unresponsive (pic 1&3).
    • Sometimes the 3rd person camera moves off-centre before the crash happens.
    • There's also lag, and the enemies on the track can behave strangely -- going off the track themselves or spawning in weird places.
    • This began at the release of version 1.60 but has gotten worse in 1.70.

    • Uninstalled the game and reinstalled, this did not fix the issues.

    Player ID: 12447443511

    Version: 1.70.60

    Device: Samsung Galaxy A30

    Thank you @Dimenzio 😊

  • Andrew1009
    Andrew1009 Posts: 298 Level 3

    Device: Poco X3 Pro

    Before the game crashed, there is a seal which is suppose to slide on the ground. But somehow, it stucked on the ground,then the character fall down, game freeze and the game shutdown by itself.

    The second scenario is the two snowball suppose to roll together, but one of them rolled first, and game freeze and shutdown by itself as well.

    This is one of the snowball that it suppose to roll together with another snowball after I jump over the wall, but it rolled first before I jump.

  • MrsJoker
    MrsJoker Posts: 20 Level 2

    Okay then....

    Phone :: Android/ Samsung Galaxy S8

    The problem started at Spyro's season when i was doing survival run at " Bear it ", i was able to reach 700+ Trophies & was first but then the game immediately froze for few seconds before kicking me out & delete all of my trophies, not only that but the ticket i used to run had vanished too, it was like " we're not gonna give you your trophies, but we will take your ticket too ", at the same season i reached 400+ at bear it again only for the same problem to happen again.

    So i limited myself to 350 and no more...

    Next season (This season), i was able to reach higher then 400+ but begin afraid of the previous season's bug i was stopping at 500 or less because i don't want to lose it.

    However, the problem get bigger when i start to fall off the map at 200+ and when i try to use an AD my game freeze and doesn't work tho i waited 3+ minutes.

    It doesn't stop at survival run but also happen while farming for ingredients, if i fell i use an ad and it freeze but the worst thing is once i re-enter the game all of my step points are gone & went back to 0.

    I had like 10k+ step points and they were gone...

  • mesabg
    mesabg Posts: 4 Newbie

    Survival runs crash after a while playing

    Player ID: 12603272004 

    Game Version: 1.70.60

    Device: IPhone XS Max / IPad Pro

    Hi guys, I have a problem cause after a while running on "Bear it" survival run, I experience a weird crash on the game which literally closes the app and when I launch it again, I already lost my trophies and the ticket I used. It had happen on my IPhone and IPad several times, I'm pretty sure there is more than 2k or 3k trophies involved. Thanks for the help !

    Here is a video, I could record what's going on, to illustrate even more.

  • KingTommy
    KingTommy Posts: 2 Newbie

    Bug again and again🤬 I lose all my daily tickets so when you can fix this problem? I'm so bored 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 and pls answer to us when you fix it. I don't want to waste my time. Ok?🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    My ID : 12620733189

    Version : 1.70.60

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