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Survival runs crash after a while playing

mesabgmesabg Posts: 4 Newbie

Player ID: 12603272004 

Game Version: 1.70.60

Device: IPhone XS Max / IPad Pro

Hi guys, I have a problem cause after a while running on "Bear it" survival run, I experience a weird crash on the game which literally closes the app and when I launch it again, I already lost my trophies and the ticket I used. It had happen on my IPhone and IPad several times, I'm pretty sure there is more than 2k or 3k trophies involved. Thanks for the help !

Here is a video, I could record what's going on, to illustrate even more.


  • Walter_WhiteWalter_White Posts: 104 Level 2

    Hey mesabg,

    I don't have any answers why but my team members are getting exactly the same. Looking on the forum so are many others. King games say they are working on it. Sorry but you aren't alone my friend.

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  • DimenzioDimenzio Posts: 600 Crash On the Run Moderator

    Hey there 👋

    I'm sorry to hear that you have some issues playing the game. If you want to report about this we made a megathread for reporting game crashes HERE

    To not overfill the forums with reports about game crashes I'm going to close your discussion, for now, so please make a post on the linked thread. It would mean a lot to us 🤗

This discussion has been closed.